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Shavl - שאַװל

The Holocaust

The community was decimated during the holocaust: of 8,000 Jews still living in Shavl in 1941, only 500 survived. Only a handful of Jews remain there today.

Much information can be found on the website, administered by Dovid Katz. In relation to Shavl, Dr. Katz recorded the following videos in Yiddish:

  • Video 1: Holocaust survivor Shmuel Shrage, 85, a native of Shavl (Šiauliai) recalls the precise moment of liberation in July 1944 when a Soviet officer told him that he would never again have to worry about being a Jew. Interview recorded in Yiddish in Kaunas, 18 Nov 2010.
  • Video 2: Shmuel Shrage, 85, a native of Shavl (Šiauliai) explains how farm-owner Jurgis Šniuolis saved his life (more than once) in 1941. Interview recorded in Yiddish in Kaunas, 18 Nov 2010.
Levi Shalit wrote a Shavl Yizkor Book in Yiddish, recounting experiences in Shavl during the holocaust period. The original Yiddish text is downloadable from the National Yiddish Book Center. A translation of the table of contents and index in English may be found here.

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