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Kibbutz Planeti




Planeti Kibbutz was organized in 1930 in Warsaw, Poland. Two years later, in 1932, its members immigrated to Palestine and settled in Givat Ha-kibbutzim — formerly the Hill of Love in Rehovot. Once settled in Rehovot, the group established itself as a HaShomer Hatzair kibbutz.

In 1934, the kibbutz members moved to Ramat Yochanan in the Zevulun Valley.

Below are photographs taken soon after the Planeti Kibbutz members arrived in Rehovot.

Planeti 1932 Shmuel Feigin on left

Planeti, 1932
on left: Shmuel Feigin

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Planeti, 1934

Planeti, 1934
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Planeti Group in Rehovot, 1934

Planeti Group
Rehovot, 1934
Shlomo Yaffe, Elisheva Makover, Yizchak Golani

Planeti Group
Shlomo Yaffe, Elisheva
Makover, Yitzchak Golani
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7/22/1934 Judith Mardix, Yardena, Fishel & Elisheva Makover

Judith Mardix, Yardena,
Fishel & Elisheva Makover
22 July 1934
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Dining Room 1932

Dining Room 1932
(L-R): Joel, Fishel Makover, Shlomo Yaffe,
Yehudith Halperin, Shika Alkoni,
& Sheink
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Construction in Rehovoth, 1933

Construction in Rehovoth, 1933
Fishel Makover, R. Moshe Chyerucham Aloni
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