Radoshkovich, Belarus


Radoshkovichi, Vileika uyezd, Vilna gubernia

Latitude: 54º09' Longitude: 27º14'
Jewish Population in 1900: 1,519
Alternate names: Radoshkovichi [Rus], Radoszkowicze [Pol],
Radashkovichy [Bel], Radoshkovits [Yid], Radaškovičy [Bel],
Radoszkowice, Radoshkovitz, Radoshkowitz
Belarusian: Радашковічы. Russian: Радошковичи. Hebrew: רדושקוביץ

Brief Timeline of Radoshkovichi;
1323 - 1790s: Part of the Polish Lithuanian Kingdom
1790s - 1915: Part of Russian Empire (More details; Prior to 1842, the
Vilieka Uyezd (District) was part of the Minsk Gubernia. From 1842 to
First World War governed from the Vilno or Vilna Gubernia Before WWI
(c. 1900): Radoshkovichi Vilejka Vilna Russian Empire )
1915- 1920 During and immediately after World war I changed hands
between; Russia, Germany, Poland and the Soviet Union
1921 - 1939: Between the wars ; Part of Poland : Radoszkowicze
Mołodeczno Wilno Poland ( very near the border with the Soviet Union)
1939 - 1941: Annexed by the Soviets
1941 - 1944: Under Nazi Occupation
1944 - 1990s: Part of Soviet Union
Today : Radoshkovichi Belarus

22 miles NW of Minsk,
19 miles SE of Maladzyechna (Mołodeczno),
27 miles SSE of Vilyeyka (Vilejka).
Other old Jewish communities in the area; Krasnoye 8 miles, Zaslawye 11 miles,
Gorodok 13 miles, Rakov 15 miles, Ilya 19 miles, Vyazyn 19 miles,
Ostroshitskiy Gorodok 20 miles, Gayna 20 miles, Lebedevo 24 miles,
Lahoysk 25, Ivenets 27 miles, Kraysk 27 miles,
Volozhyn 29 miles, Kurenets 30 miles.

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A memorial book to the Jewish community of Radoshkovichi
Radoshokovichi Cemetery:   Old Cemetery   New Cemetery
Town Images

1850 revision list / 1929 Business Directory /
RADISHKOWITZ Society; Mount Lebanon Cemetery, New York

Those who left for America

List of the Perished

More photos

Poet and artist; Mordechai Zvi Mane ( Maneh, HaMaZyR)
Aryeh-Leon Scheinhaus
The MASKILEISON (Maskil le-Eitan) Family
The war years story of Yakov Lifshitz and his wife; Fruma nee Shulman
Eternal Testament: Memoirs of a Partisan - Yakov Segalchick

History of the Jews of Radoshkovich

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