Radoshkovich, Belarus - stories

Radoshkovichi - Stories:
Aryeh-Leon Scheinhaus
a writer and a business man born in Radoshkovichi in 1867.


Very educated in both Jewish and general subjects.
Great knowledge of ancient and modern Hebrew literature and German literature.
Around 1899 he and his brother Beno moved to Memel*
for business in the forest area.
While Beno Sheinhous took care of business,
Leon was busy with literature and bibliographies.
He was a friend to many well known writers.
He published his essays in Hebrew newspapers like
"Hamagid, "Hazfira", Haolam"',"Hed Lita", "Netivot" and others.
He wrote about literature. In the German papers, he wrote about social subjects.
He published a book of poems written by his good friend from Radoshkovichi;
the well known writer; M.Tz. Mane.
He also wrote a biography about Mordechai Aharon Ginsburg
A book about education ' Lilmod Velelamed," an historical book
about the fight against the Talmud during the middle ages.
He was amongst the most respected Jews of Memel.
Amongst the most educated he founded the 'Literature Farin"
and "Dovrai Hebrew society."
Editor of Memler Dampot."
During World War I he lost all his money and became very poor.
He did not let any but his best friends know about it.
He died in Memel (Klajpeda/Memel) in 1937.

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