Radoshkovichi, Belarus

Radoshkovichi, Vileika uyezd, Vilna gubernia

Latitude: 54º09' Longitude: 27º14'
Jewish Population in 1900: 1,519
Alternate names: Radoshkovichi [Rus], Radoszkowicze [Pol],
Radashkovichy [Bel], Radoshkovits [Yid], Radaškovičy [Bel],
Radoszkowice, Radoshkovitz, Radoshkowitz
Belarusian: Радашковічы. Russian: Радошковичи. Hebrew: רדושקוביץ

Pictures taken at the old (pre-20th century) Jewish cemetery, June 17, 2019
For pictures from the new cemetery, click here.
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Pictures taken at the Jewish cemetery in 2005

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