Przemyśl Yizkor Book


The term Przemyśl Yizkor Book refers to:
Dr. Arie Menczer, Editor. Sefer Przemyśl,
(Przemyśl Memorial Book), Israel, 1964
(in Hebrew and in Yiddish)

The book is presently being translated
translated chapters can be read at:
Przemyśl Yizkor Book Translation Project

Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the original
Przemyśl Yizkor Book, here are your options:


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  • Check the Yizkor Book Project website. You can find an InfoFile there (click on InfoFiles) with a list of Retail Establishments which sell Yizkor Books. Some retailers have websites, where you make a query of their book database
  • Alternatively, you can try checking any of the used book databases available on the Internet, such as or, to search for a retailer might have the book available. The advantage of using this route is that you will be able to query a number of retailers easily and find out which of them has the particular book for sale. Make sure that you compare the prices, though. Some bookstores charge more than $200 for the book!
  • Contact the retailer of your choice


  • Check the Yizkor Book Project website. You can find an InfoFile there (click on InfoFiles) with a list of Libraries which hold Yizkor Books. Also, check the Yizkor Book Database (click on Database), and use Przemyśl as your keyword to find out more about where you can find the Przemyśl Yizkor Book
  • Contact appropriate Library
  • Alternatively, in the United States (and other countries where InterLibrary Loan is available), contact your local Library to see if this book could be ordered for you on InterLibrary Loan
  • Order the book through InterLibrary Loan


For questions about researching your family from Przemyśl, Poland contact Sheila Werter Schneider.

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