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Mazkeret L'gedolei Ostroh

In Memory of the Rabbis
of the City of Ostrog


Menachem Mendel Biber

partial translation
Rabbi Shalom Bronstein
Nathen Gabriel

Mazkeret L'gedolei Ostroh is a history of the great rabbis of Ostrog – a four-hundred-year history, down to the early twentieth century, of Ge'onim, of heads of Jewish Courts of Law and of Yeshivas, of religious judges, of wise scribes, and of assorted leaders of Ostrog's Jewish community. The book also provides a history of Ostrog's Jewish community, including such esoterica as how the burial society was organized.

Mazkeret L'gedolei Ostroh was published in the city of Berdichev in 5667 (1906/1907). The author, Menachem Mendel Biber (1848 - 1923), states that he is the “son of the superlative in Torah and Awe our Teacher the Rabbi, Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Biber of Blessed Memory of Ostraha.” The author's declared love of “wise men and their words” compelled him to honor both the memory of these men and the “glory of the city and its inhabitants.”

A copy of Mazkeret L'gedolei Ostroh is in the State Historical and Cultural Reserve in Ostrog. There is an online copy of the book on the website of the University of Toronto Libraries, which can be accessed at Mazkeret L'gedolei Ostroh.

Rabbi Shalom Bronstein and Nathen Gabriel translated the names listed in the Table of Contents. This list of approximately four-hundred names is shown below, along with a glossary of titles and acronyms associated with the names of the listed rabbis. Many of these descriptive titles have become obsolete and their meanings have been lost. However, for completeness, they are included in the glossary.

The following list of rabbis shows each rabbi's name and that of his father, if available. The rabbi's title and the position that he held are also given. Biber organizes his book by assigning an Article Number to each rabbi's entry.

Click on this Introduction to see an image of the Introduction to Biber's Hebrew language book.


  • Aluf
  • Av Beit Din (AB"DE)
    • Chief of the
      Rabbinic Court

  • BA"CH
    • Joel Sirkis (1561-1640)
      author of commentary
      Bayit Chadash

  • Darshan
    • Preacher

  • Dayan
    • Judge

  • DK"G
  • Gadol
  • Gaon
    • Great Scholar

  • Gvir
  • Hacham
  • Hadayan Hemetzuyan
    • the Excellent Judge

  • Hagadol
  • Hakadosh
    • "The Holy One"
      (may indicate died
      a martyr's death)

  • Harif
  • Harosh
    • The Head

  • Hasid
  • Hevra Kadisha
    • Burial Society

  • Ikar Hakahal
  • Kadosh
    • Holy One

  • Katzin (Hakatzin)
  • KL"B
    • [may stand for

  • Magid
  • Manhig Hamedina
    • Regional leader

  • Me'or Hagolah
    • Light of the Exile

  • Mefursam
    • Noted

  • Metzuyan
  • M"M
    • esteemed teacher

  • MMZ"K (Mizera Kedoshim)
    • descendant of
      those who died
      as martyrs

  • Moreh Tzedek
    • Righteous teacher

  • MA'"H
  • Meharsha
  • Meharshal
  • Mekubbal
    • Kabbalist

  • Meshulam
  • Mufla
  • Muflag
  • M'Yoshvei Yavetz
    • Member of a small group
      of distinguished scholars,
      including scribes

  • Nagid
  • PA"P
  • Parnas
  • Rabani
  • RI"F
    • [various meanings]

  • RO"M
    • Our rabbi & teacher(?)

  • R"SH
  • Rosh Hagalil
    • Head of the Region

  • Rosh Yeshiva
    • Dean of a Talmudic Academy

  • SHA"TZ (Shatz)
    • prayer leader

  • Shl"o
    • from the title of his
      Shnei Luchot Habrit

  • SHU"B (Shochet U'vodek)
    • slaughterer of
      kosher animals

  • SO"D (Sofer v'Dayan)
    • Scribe & Judge

  • Sofer
    • Scribe

  • TA"Z
    • from his commentary
      Turei Zahav

  • Torani
  • Tzadik
  • Yashish
    • Elder

  • YElB"l
    • Ya'akov Yosef ben
      Yehuda Leib Hakohen

  • Yoshvei Yave"tz
    • wise scribe

  • Y"P
  • YYB"Y
    • Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef,
      the son of
      Yehuda Leib HaKohen

  • ZA"K (Zera Kodesh)
    • descendant of
      those who died as martyrs

Note: All the Gaonim who were the heads of
the Rabbinic Court of the city & of the region
are recorded simply as
“Head of the Rabbinic Court”

glossary prepared
Rabbi Shalom Bronstein
Jerusalem, 18 Adar 5773
(28 Feb 2013)

Great Rabbis of Ostrog

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