Ostrog, Volhynia Gubernia, Ukraine: אוסטרוג

Volhynia Gubernia, Ukraine

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Острог, Yкраïна

Ostrog is located 284 km.  (170.4 miles) west of Kiev.

Its map coordinates are 50° 20' north latitude and 26° 31' east longitude.

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Name Variants: Ostrog [Russian and Yiddish]; Ostroh [Ukrainian]; Ostróg [Polish]

Ostrog was a Polish town located on the Moscovy frontier and was built to withstand military attack.

The town's synagogue was an integral part of this defensive position; Jewish men were expected to man the synagogue parapets
in the event of an attack.

Women, too, played a role in defending the town by forming bucket brigades to fight fires.

Ostrog's large Jewish community, relatively well-off compared to other towns, was the home of Samuel Edels, the founder of the
seventeenth century Edels Yeshivah.

Books printed in Ostrog publishing houses fill several chapters of Jewish Bibliography.

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