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Newsletter #62 June 2024 The Jewish Ball and Family Queries

Newsletter #61 April 2024 Feedback and Family Pictures

Newsletter #60 March 2024 Sir Ernest Oppenheimer Gardens, Civic Centre, Malay Camp

Newsletter #59 January 2024 ‘Blessing’ the Kimberley Virtual Cemetery

Newsletter #58 November 2023 The Virtual Cemetery for Kimberley is accomplished!

Newsletter #57 October 2023 The Malmesbury - A Vanished Era

Newsletter #56 April 2023 The Old Stead Street Cemetery Kimberley & how to make your donation

Newsletter #55 April - June 2023 Dancing in Kimberley

Newsletter #54 March 2023 Kimberley Cemeteries - Merged Spreadsheet of Burials

Newsletter #53 October 2022 Kimberley Jewish Youth Migration Pattern

Newsletter #52 September 2022 The Kimberley Zoom on 18 September 2022

Newsletter #51 September 2022 A New Kimberley Project .... Where have we all gone?

Newsletter #50 August 2022 Reflections on the Kimberley Project ....

Newsletter #49 April 2022 Col Sir David Harris

Newsletter #48 March 2022 Pre-Pesach Zoom, Purim in Kimberley

Newsletter #47 February 2022 1985 UCT Interviews with Gus Haberfeld & Bernard Wulf

Newsletter #46 January 2022 The Sporting Prowess of the Kimberley Jewish Community
Newsletter #45 January 2022
 Two Family profiles and updates, Rinderpest & Listen again

Newsletter #44 August 2021 Two New Year Kimberley Zoom Meetings

Newsletter #43 August 2021 Rev Maurice Konviser 1927-1935
Newsletter #42 July 2021 Community History On-Line (CHOL)

Newsletter #41 June 2021 Feedback - Sad Losses - War Stories

Newsletter #40 June 2021 Fiddler on the Roof

Newsletter #39 May 2021 Family Updates, Kimberley Heritage - and Taigelach

Newsletter #38 April 2021 Geraldine Auerbach’s Millennium Memoir

Newsletter #37 March 2021 The Zoom Reunions - is this not magic?

Newsletter #36 February 2021 The Zoom Room & The future of the Kimberley Synagogue

Newsletter #35 February 2021 Zoom & Dressing Up

Newsletter #34 February 2021 Milchig and Fleishig

Newsletter #33 January 2021 Reverend Harris Isaacs

Newsletter #32 December 2020 Jews and Diamonds in Kimberley

Newsletter #31 October 2020  Covid New Year and Kimberley War Stories

Newsletter #30 July 2020  Fallen Soldiers Plaque and Fresh Lemons

Newsletter #29 May 2020  Kimberley Jewry and its religious provision 1873 – 2020

Newsletter #28 April 2020 Upington, The Coronavirus Diary, Philip and Augusta Sussman

Newsletter #27 March 2020  Corona Virus, Spanish Flu and Jabotinsky’s Visit

Newsletter #26 February 2020  Union of Jewish Women

Newsletter #25 December 2019  Business and Professional Activity in Kimberley

Newsletter #24 September 2019  High Holidays in Kimberley

Newsletter #23 September 2019  Family updates Schild, Finberg,

Newsletter #22 January 2019  Introducing Leon, Zog nit Keynmol, Daniel Radcliffe

Newsletter #21 May 2019 Bat/Bar Mitzvot, Weddings and funerals

Newsletter #20 January 2019 Weddings, cemeteries and Shul design

Newsletter #19 September 2018 'Klezmer in the Park' Bergman family

Newsletter #18 June 2018  Women’s organisations and Wholesaler

Newsletter #17 June 2018  Family updates and extra people list

Newsletter #16 March 2018  Mayors Jawno, Sussman. Oppenheimer

Newsletter #15 January 2018  Youth Activity Part 2– Piecing it together

Newsletter #14 December 2017  Family update and extra people

Newsletter #13 December 2017  Business and professional life table

Newsletter #12 September 2017  Business activity questionnaire

Newsletter #11 September 2017 Youth activities Part 1, Flats and guesthouses

Newsletter #10 August 2017 Arnold Rauff passing

Newsletter #9 April 2017  Sussman, Goldenbaum, Goldman

Newsletter #8 August 2016  Cape Town picture, Kimberley and Beaconsfield names

Newsletter #7A May 2016  Levinsohn Gluckman wedding 1925

Newsletter #7 March 2016  Wedding gallery and mock wedding

Newsletter #6A September 2015  Grinne shul pictures

Newsletter #6 September 2015  Noel and Beryl Kretzmar and Gustav Bonas

Newsletter #5 March 2015 Bergman Family

Newsletter #4 September 2014  Web develops with first family stories

Newsletter #3 June 2014  Introduction to the website

Newsletter #2 October 2013  Letters from Arnie and Barney in Kimberley

Newsletter #1 August 2013  Who and where are the Kimberley ex-pats

Communications from Kimberley

GWHC - Chairman's Address Yom Hashua 9 May 2016.pdf

Pesach Message from Barney Horwitz 2016

Rosh Hashanah Circular from Barney Horwitz, Chairman, GW Hebrew Congregation

Rosh Hashana DFA Supp 2014.pdf

Newly posted items on the site:

Jewish Education in Kimberley by Leon Chonin

Read Leon Chonin's survey of business and professional life in Kimberley

(posted December 2017)

Read the fascinating story of Alfred Beit, Rhodes special friend and

collaborator (revised version posted December 2017)

Read about Alexandersfontein - Kimberley's fashionable resort

(posted September 2017)

Read the history of the Community by Cyril Haberfeld published in 1973, on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the community in 1873.

Haberfeld 1.pdf

Read about the 110th anniversary celebrations in 2012, of the consecration,

in 1902, of the Memorial Road Synagogue

Read about the Grinne Shul in Baronial Street inaugurated 1911 (posted September 2015)

Comments by people who passed through Kimberley  (Posted September 2014)

The Toube /Blumenthal Families (Posted August 2014)

Timeline of the community (Posted July 2014)

Film of Lecture on History of Jews in Kimberley by Wayne Sussman (Posted July 2014)

Hannah and Lipi Weinstein by Leon Chonin (Posted June 2014)

Growing up in Kimberley in the 50s  by Stella Clingman (Posted June 2014)

On this ‘News’ page we will list the newsletters from Geraldine to Ex-Pats

and also communications from the community itself.

We will also let you know what is new on this site

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