Jezw, Poland


Jezw [Polish], Yezhov [Yiddish], Yezhuv [Russian]

Dedicated to the memory of my great-grandparents, Icek Majer Galas

and Dworja Chonych of Jezw,

to to their ancestors and descendants; to my grandfather Abram Michal Galas,

and to my mother, Fayga Galas, and the worlds that she lost.

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Jezw:  Pictures and Video of the Village Today

The pinetree stands where the synagogue used to

exist on Lowicka near Sobieskiego Street. 


The Church is still the center of town. See map below for location.

The Park in the center of town near the Church (left). 

A commercial street

A sign in central Jezow (left.) 

The road to Warsaw outside of Jezow


Some of the beautiful countryside outside of Jezow



In 2009 and 2010, I visited Jezw and made several videos posted on YouTube. 

They are approximately 60 seconds long.  Interested readers can go to and see videos of my trip to Jezw.

Jezw:  Map Today



Compiled by Deborah H Long

Updated  March 2022
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Town square

Wwhere the pine tree now stands was the site of the Jezow synagogue (above)

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