Jezw, Poland


Jezw [Polish], Yezhov [Yiddish], Yezhuv [Russian]

Dedicated to the memory of my great-grandparents, Icek Majer Galas and Dworja Chonych of Jezw,

to to their ancestors and descendants; to my grandfather Abram Michal Galas,

and to my mother, Fayga Galas, and the worlds that she lost.

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Genealogical and Historical Research in and about Jezw

  • To find other researchers searching for family from Jezw, go to Jewishgen’s Family Finder here and then do a search for Jezw. 
  • Here are the names that appear in records indexed by JRI-Poland:
  • At Yad Vashem in Israel and in the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, there are six testimonies of Holocaust survivors who were born in Jezow. They are:
    • David Milich, born in 1932; in Hebrew, record group 0.3
    • Rosa Rachel Braunfeld Levkovicz, born in 1926; regarding her experiences in the Chrzanow Ghetto and in Sosnowiec and Gabersdor labor camps; in Hebrew; file number 11326
    • Golda Flaum Segal, born in 1929; regarding her experiences in the Rawa Mazowiecki Ghetto and labor in Germany in a Siemens factory disguised as a Polish woman; in Hebrew; file number 11160
    • Cwia Shtiglitz Wachetl, born in 1933; regarding her experiences as a child in the Rawa Mazowiecki GHetto and various hiding places including the forest; in Hebrew; file 12313
    • Jona Moshe Brandt, born in 1924; regarding his experiences in the Jezow Ghetto; a bunker in the forest; and hidden by a farmer in the village; in Hebrew; record group 0.3
    • Cypra Galas Rubenstein Rafeli; born in 1908; regarding her experiences in Bialystok, SIberia, and Bukara; in Polish; file # 1555
  • At Yad Vashem and in the Jewish Historical Institute, there is also a list of Jews originally from Jezow who resided in Wroclaw and Strzegom in March 23, 1947; record group M.54; file number JM 10005.
  • To find birth, marriage, and death records older than 100 years, go to JRI-Poland’s website for Jezw at
  • Some records are now available online at the PSA website. *
  • To obtain records that are more recent, you must write to the town archivist of Jezw at Urzad Gminy Jezw, ul. Kwiatowa 1, 95-047 Jezw, Poland.  It is strongly encouraged that you write in Polish.  You may need to demonstrate your relationship to the people whose records you request and to show a “material interest” in those records.  Polish privacy laws can be diffcult and frustrating to maneuver. 

Researchers who do not speak Polish are are strongly advised to have translators and/or guides accompany them.

*To view the record images, go to  Click on EN so that you get help in English.

Find the type of record you want,  and click on the town name of interest, such as birth, death, marriage.

You will see a list of descriptions of groups of images, showing the type of record, range of dates, and number of images available for each. This list might extend over several pages (navigation at the bottom center).

Click on the description of a group of images for which the right-most column (the number of images) is not 0. Then click the "Digital copies" or "Skany" tab at the top to see thumbnail images, which might extend over several pages.

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Compiled by Deborah H Long

Updated  2022
Copyright 2010-2022 Deborah H Long

The town of Jezw has a website at

The mailing address for information is

 Urzad Gminy Jezw 

ul. Kwiatowa 195-047

Jezw, Poland


Jezow coat of arms

Thanks to Jeff Rozenthal for this photo taken in 2015.


City Hall in Jezow.

Photo thanks to Jeff Rozenthal, 2015.

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