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Surnames Being Researched 
Researchers with Links to Details of their Research (and e-mail addresses)
The Surname Amdur

Surnames Being Researched

  • Amdurer (Udi Cain)
  • Adin (Jay Rosenberg; Jim Yarin)
  • Affron (Jim Yarin)
  • Andors (Victor Smith)
  • Avnet (Flora Gursky; Rosalind Lazarus)
  • Boblansky (Sandra Kenworthy)
  • Boyarsky (Michael Bohnen)
  • Buki (David Snyder)
  • Chaim Chaikel
    (see: Chaim Chaikel Amdurer)
  • Cheshinkes (Michael Bohnen)
  • Chozi (Shabsa Lis; Yechiel Moshe Nakdimen)
  • Drucker (Gayle Leyton & Teri Fainberg)
  • Effron (Jim Yarin)
  • Efron (Jim Yarin)
  • Eisen (Sandy Eisen)
  • Ephron (Jim Yarin)
  • Epstein (Alan Hirshfeld)
  • Fliegel (Sylvia Fliegel Nachtigall)
  • Fradkin (Gilles Fradkin)
  • Gershuny (Shabsa Lis)
  • Goldgleit (Jeanne Gold)
  • Golub (Sandra Kenworthy)
  • Karpovich (Sandra Kenworthy)
  • Katz (Miriam Margolyes; Jim Yarin)
  • Kleinbort (Warren Blatt)
  • Lapin (Avrum Lapin)
  • Lapunsky (Avrum Lapin; Jim Yarin)
  • Levine (Fred Katz; Gayle Leyton & Teri Fainberg; Jim Yarin)
  • Lipsky (Bernard Tennenbaum)
  • Lyass (Fred Katz)
  • Marcus (Sandra Kenworthy)
  • Margolyes (Miriam Margolyes)
  • Nakdimen (Yechiel Moshe Nakdimen; Eric Pierson; Jim Yarin)
  • Perushkin (Michael Palmer)
  • Rosent(h)al (Michael Bohnen; Tamar Lapidot)
  • Sereisky (Tamar Lapidot)
  • Shalamuk (Michael Palmer)
  • Sheinberg (Warren Blatt)
  • Shelkowsky (Flora Gursky; Jim Yarin)
  • Silberblatt (Jay Silberblatt)
  • Stein (Susan Berkson)
  • Stone (Robert Rosenthal)
  • Suchonitsky (Tamar Lapidot)
  • Unknown (Mitch Berman)
  • Wilenchik (David Snyder)
  • Yellin (Bernard Tennenbaum)
  • Zalutsky (Robert Rosenthal)

Researchers with Links to Details of their Research
(and e-mail addresses)

The Surname Amdur (Amdursky, Indursky, etc.)

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