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Huncovce Coat of Arms

   Huncovce, Slovakia

Old Photos of Family or Groups

This page is for family groupings or any other groupings, such as celebrations and school photos. In general, not everyone has been identified, and if anyone accesses this page and can contribute information, identify people, and even submit more photographs, please contact and/or e-mail Madeleine directly.

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with thanks to Emmanuel PATCAS


One of the notable Jewish personages in Huncovce was Rabbi Markus (Mordechai, in Hebrew) ROTH (1815 -1897).

For many years, Rabbi Markus ROTH (1815 - 1897) was also the President of the Jewish Kehila (community) of Huncovce.

A wealthy merchant, he was equally known for his philanthropy for Jewish organizations and institutions, as well as for his inspiring care and concern for his fellow Jews.
Roth Family Tree

His brother, Salamon Wolf ROTH, referred to frequently just by his initials, S. W. ROTH, was also a well respected and influential person in the Kezmarok Jewish community, having been among the founders of that community when he moved from Huncovce to take up residence there.  You can read more about him on this site: Kezmarok.

Among the members of Rabbi Markus ROTH's large family, you can see on this little tree, is his nephew, Rabbi M A (Moshe Aryeh) Roth, who also became his son-in-law through marriage to his daughter Betty (Breindel, in Yiddish). Rabbi M. A. ROTH became the Chief Rabbi of Papa, Hungary, and he was also one of the founders of the Mizrachi movement. He served in Papa until his death in 1906.

Their daughter, Rosa, married Rabbi Samuel Austerlitz, who became the Chief Rabbi of Miskolc, Hungary (d. 1939).

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The family of Rabbi Armin (probably Hirschl) SCHNITZER, born in Huncovce in 1836.


The four ZINN children, L to R, Alexander (b. 1922), Maedy (b. 1928), Eugene (b. 1924), and Erika (b. 1930)

Helena (née HARTMANN) ZINN, b. 1896, as a young woman


Mother Helena (Ilonka/Leah) ZINN, and daughters Maedy and Erika.

After surviving Auschwitz-Birkenau, Czech uniformed Eugene ZINN with friend from Auschwitz, Kalman HAUPT, 1947)


Slovak Grammar School, May 1942, Just before deportations began. The
two girls are part of the ZINN family. Can anyone identify any of the others?


Eugene Zinn, his Huncovce family's sole survivor, at home in southern California.
Passed away 27 December 2009.
His obituary appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

Shared tombsone of Sarah (née HAIM) and husband Eugene ZINN, who are buried in the Mount Sinai Memorial Park, in Los Angeles, California.
Photo courtesy of son, Harry.


Frieda ZIMMERSPITZ in front of her family's bakery.
Note flour on her clothes!
Photo postcard courtesy of Lori Rosen, descendant of the Zimmerspitz family.

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