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Huncovce Coat of Arms

   Huncovce, Slovakia

Views of Huncovce

You can go to various sources to see how Huncovce looks today, but it is far more difficult to find old photographs or postcards of what Huncovce looked like, before either of the World Wars. Jan GURNIK of Huncovce, prepared a beautiful, one-of-a-kind album for Mr. Eugene ZINN, to commemorate the 750th Anniversary of the establishment of the town of Huncovce, in the year 1257. Sadly, Eugene ZINN died in the Los Angeles, California area in December 2009. Eugene's son, Harry ZINN, was kind enough to lend me both this album as well as an amazing book about Huncovce (in Slovak!) from which to select material for this website, that are relevant to Jewish life in Huncovce.

Amateur historian, Jan GURNIK, who has also been so helpful and contributed to this website, appears in some of the photos as well.

If anyone accessing this site has more photographs to contribute, they will be most heartily appreciated. You may contact and/or e-mail Madeleine directly.

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Panoramic View of Huncovce, 1925,
with Tatra mountains in the background

View of Huncovce, with wall of old Jewish Cemetery,
(an enlargement from the left side of the panoramic view), 1925

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Huncovce Artist Josef Bethlenfalvy's rendering of Huncovce, 1931
(This serves as a wall hanging or curtain in Huncovce's Community Center.)


Panoramic View of Huncovce, 2007

Old Hunsdorf postcard with Evangelical Church

Hunsdorf Scene with the Evangelical Church in the foreground, and small "x" further on the horizon
indicating the location of the ZIMMERSPITZ bakery.
Postcard courtesy of Lori Rosen, descendent of the Zimmerspitz family.
Former site of Zimmerspitz Bakery
Location of the ZIMMERSPITZ bakery as it looks in 2012. It is house #47 in Huncovce.
Photo provided by Jan Gurnik of Huncovce, who also said,
"it was located next door to the MAIBAUM's Bata Shoe Store. "

Former Hollander Business   The former business of the HOLLÄNDER family (1937).
At the time, it was the most important store in the town. /1/

Aerial View 2 
Another Aerial View of Huncovce (2007), with Poprad River to the right and the road leading to Kezmarok
 to the North.

Building of the Former Huncovce Yeshiva with Memorial Plaque
Building of the Former Huncovce Yeshiva
with Memorial Plaque Encircled
Hlavna Street 140.

Memorial Plaque

Closeup of Memorial Plaque, Dedicated 8 September 1998


Article in the Judische Press,
28 December 1928
, No. 50, p. 320,
regarding a Campaign to raise money for a new building to be added to the Huncovce Yeshiva.

Foreign and Non-local Students who Came to Study at the Huncovce Yeshiva

Yeshiva SealThe following are the few pages Jan Gurnik of Huncovce found that show the names, places of birth (or where they traveled from), years of birth to attend the Huncovce Yeshiva.  The rightmost column is presumably where they were housed and fed, because in the early 1920s the Yeshiva did not yet have a dormitory.  The signature of the Rosh Heyeshiva -- the School Headmaster -- is that of Rabbi Joseph Jona Zvi Halevi, also known as Eugen HOROWITZ.  These pages also contain the official seal of the Yeshiva.

Careful reading of the people on the lists shows some interesting information.  On the list dated 1925, it includes two brothers, George A. HARRIS (b. 1908) and Arthur J. HARRIS (b. 1904), and a Louis SCHWARTZ (b. 1911), all from Scranton, PA!  Two other brothers, Artur and Bela SALAMON from Veluka Slatina, (now, in Kosovo) and Josef WEISS from Belki, (Ukraine?) all three appear to be going to Heinrich ZINN, the father of Eugen ZINN.

In an e-mail from Harry ZINN, (sent 3 January 2017) he related what he had heard from his late father (Eugene ZINN),
"My dad spoke about how his mother would regularly feed yeshiva students and sometimes house them as well. What’s remarkable about that is how small their house was. There was no indoor plumbing, and the house had 3 rooms: a kitchen and two bedrooms – my dad and his brother had one room and his parents and 2 sisters slept in the other room. I can’t imagine where the students slept!

Yeshiva Students 1923&1925
Students 1924
Students 1926
Partial List of Students, 1923
and list of students 1925

List of Students, 1924
List of Students, 1926


  1. Photo and information from Huncovce v zrkadle casu (Huncovce in the Mirror of Time) by Vladimír Labuda, Kežmarok, 2006 (ISBN 80-88903-88-2) in Slovak. Translation by Mikulas Liptak. continue reading

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Created 19 April 2012
Updated 28 February 2019
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