KehilaLink: Gomel
Russian/Belarus name: Гoмeль (Homyel)
Yiddish name: האמל (Homl)

Also known as: Homel [Polish, German], Gomelis [Lithuanian], Homlye, Homiel
Location: 52°26' N, 30°59' E (106 miles SSE of Mogilev, Belarus)
Province before WWI: Mogilev
Nearby Jewish communities: Belitsa, Vyetka, Dobrush, Uvarovichi, Nosovichi, Kholmech, Rechytsa, Poddobryanka, Loyew, Brahin, Dovsk, Yamnoye, Dobryanka (Ukraine), Svyatsk (Russia)


Welcome to the Gomel KehilaLink website. To the left are links to the Jewish history of Gomel, stories about Gomel, pictures of Gomel and Jewish families that lived in Gomel, documents related to Gomel and maps of Gomel. If you would like to add something to this website or would like to be kept up-to-date on projects related to Gomel, contact Paul Zoglin.




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