Gomel Family Pictures


One (or more) of the people in these pictures is from Gomel or has some Gomel connection. Click on a thumbnail to open a larger version of the picture. All pictures are courtesy of the families and cannot be reproduced without their permission. Contact Paul Zoglin if you would like to contact the person who provided a picture.

Boris Bobruskin
Hasya Bobruskin
Aaron Gurevitch Kaganovich family
Chai, Chana and Leon
Kantorovich family
(circa 1911)
Shraga Feyvul
Malka (Gurevitch) and Katriel Liskovitch Ber and Annie Newmark
(circa 1905)
Newmark family
Moische Raskin family
(circa 1905)
Abraham and Chene/Anna Schecter (in London 1905) Dvorah Shifren
Nathan Shifren Zernitsky/Olitsky
(circa 1925)
Avram Tsoglin family
Temma Belinkoff
(circa 1895)
Itzchak Belinkoff
(circa 1895)
Temma Belinkoff
(circa 1920)

Bonia Mordekhovich
(born 1891, deported to Auschwitz in 1942)

Ann, Leah,
Harry Lazarus
(circa 1901) 
Haim Warbeyshik
and family
(circa 1887?) 


Unidentified Photos:
(Contact Paul Zoglin if you can identify anyone in these photos)

Unidentified 1 Unidentified 2
(from the effects of Hassel Gillelovich Ryesky)
Unidentified 3
Unidentified 4
("mrs. sorkin"- might have a Gomel connection)



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