Gomel Stories


(The following are stories about people and events in Gomel. They have not been researched for historical accuracy. If anyone feels that there are historical inaccuracies that people should be made aware of, or if you would like to add a story, contact Paul Zoglin)

Stories told to Paul Zoglin by his tour guides (two Jewish residents of Gomel) during his trip to Gomel in July, 2009:

Pre-1917 stories
Post-1917 stories

Bessie (Raskin) Zoglin stories (Gomel resident 1893-1908) :

Life in Gomel (click here to listen to Bessie tell part of this story)
Pogroms (click here to listen to Bessie tell part of this story. Bessie mentions the part of town she was living in. If anyone is familiar with the part of town she mentions, contact Paul Zoglin)

Eugene D. has this memory:

My bobbe happens to remember the beginning of a song from Gomel. It begins as follows:

"Homler Homler
Ale Ale
Schmercken Kale
didroy didroy didroy....

My bobbe explains that it speaks of a stupid character named Schmerke(Shmuel), who thinks that everyone is his bride.


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