Bloch, Sara

Fisher, Jennie

Fisher, Rosalie

Jackson, Rachel

Kahn, Rose

Kornet, Gustav

Kornet, Juliet

Kornet, Max

Kornet, Menna

Kornet, Paul

Kornet, Sophie

Lesser, Moritz (Moses)

Lesser, Ulrike

Levy, Le?sher

Stadler, Alsen

Wolff, David

Wolff, Julius

Wolff, Marianne

Wolff, Solomon

Wolff, William



Burials at Adas Emuno Section of the Hoboken Cemetery





The last burial at Adas Emuno Cemetery in Hoboken, New Jersey was prior to 1956 when the congregation sold their building and moved to Leonia, New Jersey.


Max Kornet, Moritz Lesser, Alsen Stadler, and Solomon Wolff were all founders of Adas Emuno Reform Congregation in 1871.


The cemetery is in poor condition. It is likely that the group in Leonia does not know the congregation is in possession of a cemetery.





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