Israeli flag
Giv'at Ada, Israel
גבעת עדה

Coordinates:  32° 31' 20" N  34° 56' 42" E
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Arie Arizon

Arie & Leah Arizon
Shoshana Wilder née Arizon, b. 1897

Shoshana Wilder
née Arizon

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David Kotzer

David Kotzer
Muler Shoshana (Sheitel)

Muler Shoshana

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C. Paster

C. Paster
Carmia Baller née Paster, 1930-2014

Carmia Baller née Paster
Eliezer Paster

Eliezer Paster
Hanna Paster Davidesku, 1898-1965

Hanna Paster

Yair Paster, b. 1919

Yair Paster
b. 1919

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Chaim Teperberg

Chaim Teperberg
Sara Teperberg

Sara Teperberg
Abraham Teperberg, b. 1897

Abraham Teperberg (b. 1897)
Malka Sheiman Teperberg
Zvi Teperberg, 1885-1947

Zvi Teperberg
1885 - 1947

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Rifka Berkovich

Rifka Berkovich
Dvora Grosman

Dvora Grosman
Yitzchak Krupnik, 1919-1938

Yitzchak Krupnik
1919 - 1938

Killed in 1938 Riots
Aharon Shtilman, b. 1929

Aharon Shtilman
b. 1929

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