Photographs of Krystynopol

Ferry Across the Bug River
This postcard depicts the ferry across the Bug River.

Krystynpol Postcard
            SceneOn the right is a postcard scene from 1916. 

Krystynopol 1908On the left are three views:
Top:  a panoramic view of
the town
Middle:  the Greek Catholic
church, Church of the
Basilian Fathers
Bottom:  the dom sióstr

Below is another view of Krystynopol and the Greek Catholic church.                  
View of Krystynopol
 The Potocki palace in 1914:
              palace 1914

 The synagogue in Krystynopol:

Coal MinerToday, Krystynopol is the coal-mining town of Chervonograd, Ukraine. 

Potocki castle in KrystynopolThe Potocki castle as it appears now.

                Cemetery MemorialThis memorial to Krystynopol Jews stands in the Holon cemetery in Bat-Yam, Israel.

Krystynopol Memorial in Holon Cemetery

Montefiore Cemetery MemorialThis memorial stands at the Montefiore cemetery in Queens, New York.  Photograph courtesy of the Museum of Family History.

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