Maps of Galicia and Krystynopol

Krystynopol in 1939, courtesy of John Panzer and
Map of Krystynopol in 1939

A closeup of Krystynopol in 1939:
Krystynopol map from 1939

Below are some scanned images of atlas maps.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1874:  Krystynopol was in the province of Galicia during the sovereignty of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Austro-Hungarian Empire ruled over Galicia from 1867 to 1918.  Galicia is at the top right corner of the map below.
Austria-Hungary 1874

The Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1897:  Again, Galicia is at the top right. 
Austro-Hungarian Empire 1897

This is a close-up view of the 1897 map.  Sokal, the district center for Krystynopol, is shown next to the Bug River at the top right corner.
Close-up View 1897

Galicia in 1915:  This atlas image shows Krystynopol's location seven miles south of Sokal.

Krystynopol, 1943:  This image is from a 1943 war map.  Krystynopol is in the upper left corner.
War Map 1943

Detail from a German map, c. 1900:
Krystynopol Map,
          abt. 1900

Detail from a 1933 map:
              map, 1933

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