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The All Poland Database searches several databases for shtetl records.  Use the shortcut button below.  If you are not a JewishGen user, you must register with JewishGen to see the search results. 
To find others interested in researching Krystynopol, click here.  If you are not a JewishGen user, you must register with JewishGen.

If you would like to search the JewishGen web pages for even more references, try the JewishGen Ultraseek search engine.

You may find some additional Krystynopol records at the Routes to Roots Foundation.  Enter "Chervonograd" in the town name search box.

This is another history of Krystynopol which has been translated from Hebrew.  The source is Pinkas Hakehillot Polin, Volume II, pages 494 to 495. 

Mr. Logan Kleinwaks has developed an excellent search engine for some online historical directories.  The Poland and Danzig business directories are especially helpful.

Please consider joining Gesher Galicia if you are not a member. 

The book
Mały król na Rusi i jego stolica Krystynopol, written in 1939, is a history of Krystynopol that concentrates on the Potocki family.  This is a large download (66 MB). 

The site Red Town has several photographs of Krystynopol from the early 1900s.  There are also photographs and videos of modern Chervonograd.  Note:  because the website is in Ukrainian, I have routed the link through Google translator so that it appears in English. Link appears to be broken at this time.

Written in Ukrainian, this is the official website for Chervonograd.

This web site outlines the family tree of Rabbi Meir Kristianpoller (1740-1815), the Av Beit Din of Krystynopol and Brody.

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