Kiev Gubernia, Ukraine

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Jewish Virtual Library Encyclopedia of Ukraine

Ukraine SIG Town Page

The following link allows the researcher to
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Ukraine SIG Boguslav Town Page

Possible Additional Resources

Jewish Studies Institute

The Jewish Studies Institute of the Ukraine was working on a Guidebook to Jewish Addresses of the Ukraine, including Boguslav. Click on the following for more information:

This site is in beta and is temporarily unavailable.

Kiev Central Archives

The Central Archives in Kiev has a collection of metrical books filled in by the State Rabbi for each community, covering different years. Boguslav is reported to have one book from the single year 1848.

Russian Red Cross

There is a report in 1919 from THE RUSSIAN RED CROSS COMMITTEE OF ASSISTANCE: "ACTING ESTABLISHMENTS AND ESTABLISHMENTS UNDER FORMATION ON AUGUST 1, 1919" which lists among its emergency responses - for the borough of Boguslav - an emergency soup kitchen for 500 people, an public health infirmary for infectious disease, and an orphanage for 300 children.

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