Újfehértó (Pre-Deportation) Gallery

~ Introduction ~

Some time ago, Louis SCHONFELD, then President of the Hungarian-SIG of the Jewish Genealogy group, sent Paul LINHARDT an e-mail concerning a cache of photographs of unidentified Jews of the village of Újfehértó, Hungary. (a portion of that e-mail is below)

Since these pictures were over 50 years old, many of the very people who could best identify them may not be connected to the Internet and/or have weak eyes. If you know someone from Újfehértó who can identify any of the Gallery images in Gallery1 through Gallery9 (in the menu above), but does not have access to the internet, please consider printing out the photo set pages or the larger image when it is clicked, for easier identification.

If you know anyone who can identify any unidentified photographs,
click HERE to contact Paul LINHARDT.

Louis SCHONFELD's e-mail

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JewishGen members/descendants and contributors of Újfehértó Jewish families:


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