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 6. Yiskor Lists

  •     "Our Town Svir"

  •     "Memory: Myadel Region" This is not a Yiskor Book but an Encyclopedia published in Belarus with a few sections dedicated to the Jewish population of the Myadel region. This list may not be accurate and it is put here as an adjunct to the Yiskor list for Svir from the Yiskor Book which appears in the JewishGen Yiskor Database.

  •     From the  Vishnevo Yizkor book: A Story about Svir.

 7. Photographs

In the Yizkor book for Vishnevo there is a story written by Raisa nee Dudman Hayerushalmi. Her mother died when she was a baby and she was given to her aunt( she married a Svirski) who lived in Swir. She lived in Svir in 1941 and she wrote about her war years. Eilat  Gordon

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