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~ Religious Life ~

Nove Davydkovo was under the jurisdiction of the Mukachevo Rabbinate and had a synagogue, mikvah and cemetery.

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~ Synagogue and Mikvah ~

Site of former Synagogue and Mikvah
Photo: Courtesy of Bill FARRAN, USA

~ General Map of Nove Davydkovo c. 1944 ~
Map: Copyright ©2008 by Marshall J. KATZ

~ Nove Davydkovo Cemetery ~

Based upon discussions with residents living in Nove Davydkovo during a visit in 2011, and based upon a document from the archive, Nove Davydkovo had its own cemetery, which was located along the river, directly across from the Stare Davydkovo cemetery. Unfortunately, it was learned that when the last large flood occurred, the cemetery tombstones washed into the river and apparently they remain there today. Some of the neighbors stated, sadly, that they observed some of the graves were also washed away.

Cemetery site I
Photo: Courtesy of Marshall Katz, USA
(over the hill side)

Cemetery site II
Photo: Courtesy of Marshall Katz, USA
(river seen below)

Cemetery site IV
Photo: Courtesy of Marshall Katz, USA
(very overgrown)

Cemetery site III
Photo: Courtesy of Marshall Katz, USA
(river seen below)

Cemetery site V
Photo: Courtesy of Marshall Katz, USA
(very overgrtown)

Cemetery site VII
Photo: Courtesy of Marshall Katz, USA
(very overgrown)

Cemetery site VI
Photo: Courtesy of Marshall Katz, USA
(Stare Davydkovo seen in the distance)

~ Stare Davydkovo Cemetery ~

Some Jews of Nove Davydkovo, as well as Klyucharki and Stare Davydkovo, were buried in the Stare Davydkovo cemetery as their final resting place. The Stare Davydkovo (also called Ó-Dávidháza or Rakoshin) cemetery is located northwest of Stare Davydkovo, bordered by a stone wall and previously reached by crossing a bridge from Nove Davydkovo, but today it can only be reached from the Mukacheve/Uzhhorod highway, at the opposite end of the village.

In the documents section of the "Other" tab, you will find a link to a U.S. Commission Report completed in 2005 that attempted to document Jewish Cemeteries (and Synagogues and Mass Grave Sites) in the Ukraine. This cemetery, as well as many other village cemeteries, are not documented in that report.

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