Nove Davydkovo Family

Below, you will find photographs of families that once lived in Nove Davydkovo. In most cases, the photographs you see survived the Holocaust only because they were mailed to relatives in the United States and elsewhere.

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Group Photograph
Photo: Courtesy of Adam SMITH, USA

In this photograph is Shulem WEISS (b. 1908), far right, who went to Argentina after the War. Mindl (née SCHOR) ZOLDAN, seated to the right, was killed in the Shoah. The others remain unidentified.

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Itzik Leiber

Photo: Courtesy of Adam SMITH, USA

Left to right: Itzik Leiber OBERLANDER (1860-1931), unidentified, unidentified, unidentified
Joseph Leib and Henche (née KONIG)

Photo: Courtesy of Adam SMITH, USA

Everyone in the photograph was murdered except for Joseph Leib GRUNSTEIN, who came to Brooklyn, NY after liberation.

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Photo: Courtesy of Adam SMITH, USA

Photo: Courtesy of Bill FARRAN, USA

Seated, left to right: Mina (née SCHWIMMER) SPIEGEL, Rose ROSENBAUM and Sadie (née SPIEGEL) ROSENBAUM

Standing, left to right: Bernard SPIEGEL (Died in WWI) and David SPIEGEL (Died of illness)

Sadie stayed in Hungary until her mother, Minnav, passed.

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