The cemetery in Szczuczyn

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These photographs were taken by Jan Sekta in early May 2000.  If you can read any of the inscriptions, please contact Irene Newhouse

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 An overview of a section of the cemetery

 View of a highly weathered stone, with trash.  Jan cleared away the trash before  taking his other photographs.

 Another section of the cemetery, where many stones have fallen over

 Only the base is left here
 A more elaborate grave

 The next two images are closeups of these grave stones
My beloved mother
and teacher
Chosen among women and
in good name,  passed away
Mrs. FEYGA daughter of
R. MEIR PROSS (or Fross, etc.)
Deceased on 2
to the month Kislev
year 5690
(abbreviation for) May Her Soul be Gathered in Eternal Life

(she passed away on Wednesday 4 December 1929)

- Ze'ev Sharon

 Before cleaning

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