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and the dependent villages of Dmitrowce, Dyrwance, Holdow/Goldow /Goldovo at 53º42 25º06, Hordziejowce, Ignatkowce, Mozejkow Wielki, Murowanka, Ogrodniki
and the estates and hamlets of Antopol, Antonowca, Bobry, Dubienka, Iszczolniany, Kirele, Lebioda Wielka, Marciniszki, Mozejkow Maly , Romanowce, Ronby, Skobejki, Siemiaszki, Wojnopol, Zuki

In 1928, Skrzybowce was designated as a wies (village), siedziba and urzedu gmina: Liebioda Wielka (seat of community council of Lebioda Wielka made up of the dependencies above) in the First Uchastok, Lida powiat, Nowogrodskie voevodstvo of Poland. The Justice of the Peace was in Lida and the Justice Court in Wilno. The 1928 miasteczko population was 176. The railway station was 2 kilometers away on the Mosty-Lida line. The post office and telephone were in Skrzybowce and telegraph in Lida. Skrzybowce had mills and sawmills.

In 1973, Skribovtsy was a village in Mozheikovo rural government division of Schutchin district, Grodno region and a railway station on the railway line: Mosty-Lida. It is the center of the collective farm "Ushod" ("East), 24 kilometers from Schutchin, 87 kilometers from Grodno. In 1973, Skribovtsy had a tractor repair shop, a secondary school, a club, a library, a hospital, a pharmacy, a post office, a cafe, six shops, and monument to those who died during WWII.
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Ksiega Adresowa Handlowa, Warszawa Bydgoszcz 1929
Brovka, P. [editor], Belorussian Societ Encyclopedia. Minsk: 1973, Vol. IX

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