NOVY DVOR , Belarus

 נאָווידוואָר   -   Новы Двор

  53°48' N, 24°34' E

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Lida uezd map from yizkor

Alternate names: Novy Dvor and Новы Двор [Bel], Novyy Dvor and Новый Двор [Rus], Nowy Dwór [Pol], Novi Dvor and : נאָווידוואָר [Yid], Novy Dvur, Novyy Dvur, Nowydwór, Naujadvaris, Novi Dvor, Novradeker, Novy Dvor. Hebrew: נובידבור. Many towns in Belarus are named "Novyy Dvor / Nowy Dwór" (meaning 'new manor'). 53°48' N, 24°34' E , 30 miles W of Lida, 12 miles W of Vasilishki, 5 miles N of Ostryna.
  • From Jewish Encyclopedia: "Village in the District of Grodno. In the sixteenth century Novy-Dvor had a well-organized Jewish community, some of whose members owned farms. Several documents show that the Jews of Novy-Dvor came in conflict, at times, with local priests, particularly in connection with the administration of the oath that Jews were required to take in legal suits. Thus in 1540, the Jew Khatzka appealed from the decision of the priest Clement, who desired him to take the solemn oath in the synagogue, instead of the common oath, which, in the opinion of Khatzka, the case required. From the course of the proceedings, apparently Khatzka’s son Simon could read the Russian documents; and that the case was referred to Queen Bona because of the inability of the common courts to reach a decision in the matter. 1558 census shows that the Jews held considerable property on the streets Bazarnaya, Dvortsovaya, and Zhidovskaya, much of the land being devoted to gardening. 1897 Jewish population of Novy-Dvor was 500 out of a total population of 1,282."

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    Belorussian Maps in Cyrillic: FEEFHS Map Room: Russian Empire -Europe (1882): Belarus / White Russia
  • Nowy Dwor: Interior of the Beth Hamidrash. https://kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/lida-district/now-pix1.htm
  • Jewish cemetery
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  • From: Orgelbrand-Encyklopedia General, Volume XII , page 742, Warsaw, 1863: First some definitions of terms used:
    • Podskarbi - royal clerk responsible for a medieval king's treasury; after 16th century, a title equivalent to "the honorable"
    • Dekanat - district of ten parishes in the Catholic Church organizational structure
    • Drewniane miasteczko - little wooden country town, not large city, in which houses were built of wood
    • Voivod - local ruler or governor
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  • JGFF Town Search.
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center Holocaust link.
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  • former Synagogue in Nowy Dwor at the bottom of the Nowy Dwor frame in Shtetls of Belarus
  • Novy Dworer Unt. Verein in Chicago burial plot. Search: "NOVYDWORER". NOTE: this MIGHT be Nowy Dwor, Poland, not Nowy Dwor, Belarus!
  • YIVO's on-line photgraph collection:17 pictures of Nowy Dwor, but most probably of the other Nowy Dwor.
  • Novy-Dvor in the Jewish Encyclopedia online. Use this spelling.
  • YIZKOR: Sefer zikaron le-kehilot Szczuczyn Wasiliszki Ostryna Nowy-Dwor Rozanka

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