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Photos of Kolomyya (Formerly Kolomea)

Click on the photo for a larger version. More pictures are included in the stories of the "Life in Kolomyya" section. Also check out this page of historical postcards

Kolomyya Street Scene 1992 Kolomyya Town Square 1992

A Kolomyya street scene 1992 1

Kolomyya town square 1992 1

Clock Tower 1992 Massacre Memorial

Clocktower 1992 1

Massacre Memorial 1

old Kolomyya post office

Old Kolomyya Post Office 1992 1

Ivano-Frankivsk-Kolomyya Rd 2

Synagogue exterior
Synagogue interior

Kolomyya Synagogue 2

Interior of Synagogue  2

Kolomyya Postcard
Charlie Roberts purchased a large post card showing a 1907 scene of Kolomyja Ringplatz
Renovated building
Postal & Telecom. Building
Renovated building 2
Postal & Telecom. Building 2
Old Jewish area
Jewish cemetery,now a
                    soccer field
Old Jewish area 2 Jewish cemetery, now a soccer field 2
Kolomyya Town Musuem
Jewish cemetary, now a
Kolomyya Town Museum
Jewish cemetery, now a landfill
Kolomyya Town view
Panoramic view of cemetary
View of Kolomyya 2 Panoramic view of cemetery 3
View of cemetary
View of cemetary
Unique tombstone 3 One stone has clear inscription 3
View of cemetery
View of cemetery
Still standing but unkept 3 A fallen few among the standing
View of cemetery
View of cemetery
Weather and weeds taking their toll 3 Almost lost for the weeds 3
View of cemetary
View of cemetary
The last stand 3 Section of wall once surrounding the cemetery 3

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2. Copyright
© 2002 Mike Kalt
3. Copyright
© 1988 Benjamin M. Nachman, DDS