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There are many beautiful and interesting maps in the Gesher Galicia Map Room. Most are of Galicia as a whole or in large portions. But there a are a few of special interest to the KAD. There are others scattered across the Internet.

detail of 1790 Stanslawow map showing
Kreis of Stanis?aw�w (Ivano-Frankivsk) 1790
A detail map from the early Atlas des Roiaumes de Galicie et de Lodomerie by FJ Maire under the direction of engineer LC Losy de Losenau, 1790. This map covers the kreis of Stanis?aw�w (Ivano-Frankivsk)
Kolomyya Cadestral map 1859
This cadestral map of Kolomyya shows property boundaries, and some building and parcel numbers. Local landmarks such as churces and Jewish cemeteries are also shown.
Korolowka cadestral map 1826
This partial map of Korolowka shows house and parcels numbers as well as the owners names of the larger parcels.
Kujdance cadestral map 1829
Kujdance, 1829
This cadestral map of Kujdance show building and land parcels clearly marked and numbered. "Largely agricultural and with no urban center, the village nonetheless shows careful management of water resources and a small manor with orchards, a brickworks, and service buildings."
                      Street map of Kolomyya
Kolomyja, 1939
Street map of Kolomyja from 1939. Hosted by the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
1912 map of
                      Kolomea and region
Kolomea, 1912
Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division, The New York Public Library. (1912). Kolomea (Galizien). Retrieved from