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Compiled by Harriet Kasow
created November 2011
revised December 2020
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I am listing an abbreviated family tree containing my deceased ancestors. My purpose is to provide guidance to those searching for their roots, and as a prompt to those who may have known or perhaps have been related in any way. The towns where most were born include Klishkivtsi and Iasi.

Mendel Menachem Sadovnik (Sadovnick), 1844-1897, married to Pessia Zazula, born in 1846 and died in 1900.

There were six children, all born in Klishkivtsi; most immigrated with their children to the U.S. during the years 1913-1920, as indicated below.

The oldest was Haya Sadovnik, 1869-1933. She was married to Kalman Sadovnik, 1860-1919. They are buried in the new cemetery in Klishkivtsi (I have a photo of her gravestone). I assume that her husband is buried there as well. Their two children, Leah Sadovnik, born in 1900, and her husband Aaron Lerner, also born the same year, and Shoul Sam Sadovnik, immigrated to the U.S. and lived in Buffalo, New York

The next child was Sara Sosie Sadovnik, 1871-1951, born & died in Klishkivtsi.

The third child was Rifke Sadovnik, 1872-1960, and her husband (name unknown), 1870-1960.

Hersch Zvi Sadovnik (my paternal grandfather), was born in 1874 and died in 1945. His name at his death had been changed to Harry Sadoff. His wife Frieda Krohn, 1875-1952, was probably born in Borszczow in the Tarnopil region, Galicia. She was the daughter of Rabbi Joshua Krohn, who was also a moel. Hersch came to the United States in 1913; his wife and three children came in 1920 through Ellis Island. The oldest child was Clara (Chaika) Sadovnik, 1903-1988, who was married to Leon Schultz, 1900-1945. The second daughter was Pauline Pessie Sadovnik, born 1900; she had been married in Europe, but came to the U.S. as a divorcée. My father Jacob David Sadovnik (Sadoff), 1904-1995, was married to Hinda (Helen) Belfer, 1910-1962, who was born in Bar, Vinnitsa Oblast and arrived in the U.S. with two sisters in 1923. They had three children, the oldest being Milton (Menachem Mendel), 1928-1994, who was married to Doris (Devorah) Kasow, 1931-1997.  The other two daughters are still living.

The fifth child was Hinde Sadovnik, 1880-1950, who was married to Shloime Sol Siegel, 1883-1951. They had five children.

The last child was Chana Ita Sadovnik, born 1882.


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