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created November 2011
revised December 2020
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An Introduction

Chernowitz is the oblast that today includes Klishkivtsi, Khotin, Novoselitsy, and others, of course. Jassy, Romania is about 250 kilometers (155 miles) from Chernowitz. My father's family comes from these places. He always said that he came from the corner of Bukovina and Bessarabia, and to an extent he was correct. His paternal grandmother is from Jassy; he and his mother and two sisters left for America from Khotin, which is about twelve miles from Klishkivtsi. This is proven by a stamp on their passport and by the address listed on the passenger manifest. We met a possible family member in Novoselitsy, who showed us the synagogue and told us about his life. This explains the personal reasons for the photos included.  



Other Names: Ukranian-Novoselytsia; Romanian-Noua Sulita;
 Russian-Novoseltsy; Yiddish-Novoselitz; German-Nowoselyzja

Location: Latitude 48° 27′ N   Longitude 26° 59′ E


Novoseltsy sign



Other Names: Ukranian-Khotyn; Russian-Khotin; Romanian-Hotin; 
Yiddish-Khotin; German-Chotyn

Location: Latitude 48° 29′ N   Longitude 26° 30′ E


Novoseltsy sign



Other Names: Ukranian-Chernivtsi; Russian-Chernevtsy;
Romanian-Cernauti; Yiddish-Chernivitz; German-Czernowitz

Location: Latitude 48° 18′ N   Longitude 25° 56′ E

Chernowitz : Archives and Cemetery Photos

During our visit to the Archives we found information about the Sadovnik's who requested Romanian Citizenship. We have those documents. There is no vital data from Klishkivtsi but the staff was very helpful as was the Head of the Archives. One of the staff helped us locate a family member Shlomo Sadovnik who had been a resident of Chernowitz and a teacher at the University where he headed the Department of Romanian literature. Surely a serendipitous event if ever there was one. He is the same age as my brother and totally unknown to me.

Below is a slideshow album consisting of random shots of the cemetery for your viewing.
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