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Compiled by Harriet Kasow
created November 2011
revised 3 May 2021
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Acknowledgement & Dedication

The Path To Our Discoveries Begins Here

I want to say a "Grosse Dank" to my cousin Aizic Oked Secter who contributed his vast genealogical knowledge relating to our family in the creation of this kehilalink.

First of all, he was the most knowledgeable guide (along with a Russian-speaking one) in exploring our ancestral home and environs. He pushed us to visit the heads of the various towns and schools, as well as many cemeteries and synagogues, as was possible during our ten-day visit from May 17 to June 1, 2010. His knowledge of Yiddish and Hebrew, in addition to English and Spanish, was of enormous help. The website is only partially complete, as his extensive knowledge does not appear as yet in full.

I would like to express my appreciation and love for my father, Jacob Yankel Jack Sadovnick Sadoff, for his memories of his town and the towns he went through on his way to the U.S. in 1920. I am including some letters he wrote many years ago that describe the places in Bessarabia he passed through. This is the main update, and in my humble opinion it is a precious one.

Harriet Kasow. Jerusalem, May 2021


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