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Note: To see the full list of projects carried out by the Bessarabia SIG please go here

Projects and support

The Kiliya team has a number of projects on going concerning Kiliya:

* Creating the KehilaLink
* Enlarging of the Kiliya records collection (Ukraine Database)
     - Identifiying available "fonds"
     - Acquiring, indexing and translating new "fonds"

The Kiliya team, as well as the rest of JewishGen is mainly supported by volunteers and donations.
In order to succeed in this ambitious project, we need your help that can be on several forms:
* Improving the Kiliya KehilaLink
     - If you have information, documents or pictures related to Kiliya
     - If you can write an article about a subject related to Kiliya
     - If you want to share a family story or anecdote
* Enlarging the Kiliya Database
     - If you have documents or data related to Kiliya people (vital records, census, other historic documents)
     - If you can work on the classifiying of the data available on the internet
You can contact us.

You can also make a donation to the Bessarabia SIG Program on the JewishGen-erosity (the main target is the acquisition and translation of new "fonds")

Thanks in advance for your support.

Ariel Parkansky
Kiliya Town Leader
Bessarabia SIG -

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Ongoing Projects for Kiliya

  • Kiliya Yizkor Book, Translation Project (Added in December 2015): This new project coordinated by Ronald Killian has been launched in December 2015. We need your collaboration. A special Kiliya Fund has been added on the Yizkor Book JewishGen-erosity, please click here

  • The National Archive of Moldova (Added in October 2013): Combined project of archival and genealogical researcher Alla Chastina from Kishinev and Bessarabia SIG. This is an excerpt (pdf) of Jewish Material (6 sets of documents) from one of three collections Alla C. shared with Bessarabia SIG.

  • Family Search (LDS): catalogue microfilms on Bessarabia Jewish records. (Updated in Sep 2014)
    Project leader Yoni Kupchik, Israel.
    The first part of the project is done - Revision Lists microfilms were researched and a table of 45 microfilms with details by towns presented. 5 microfilms were also looked at without any Jewish records. The table also has information if Bessarabia SIG translated the records or not. Next part here is to get similar information on Vital and any other records collected by Family Search. Updated in September 2014 by Yefim Kogan

    Set of 12 Microfilms received recently from Family Search, September 2014, Yefim Kogan. Please check out what is available in these microfilms.

  • Bessarabia Annual books, 1862-1914: It is a collection of very valuable information on Jews in Bessarabia from 1862 to 1914 who held government positions. There are 23 books available for research and translation. The information include statistics of birth, death, marriages per year, list of Rabbies in towns and shteitlekh, list of people working in Jewish Hospitals, Jewish schools, and more.
    Project Leader, translator - Yuriy Daylis, Minnesota, USA
    Nine books from 1862, 1872, 1875, 1882, 1883, 1885, 1887, 1888 and 1893 were already researched and translated.
    See the list of Jews from the books in order by year of the book, in the alphabetical order by Last Name, and some statistics, as of August of 2014.

  • Bessarabia Vital Records: This is an ongoing translation/transliteration project that was started 9 years ago by Romania-SIG. Currently, the database contains more than 144,000 Jewish births, marriages, death and divorce records from primarily Kiliya and several other towns. Until 2014, project Coordinator was Bob Wascou Z"L and we cannot thank him enough.
    Starting in 2015, someone from Bessarabia SIG will take it over.

  • Bessarabia Revision Lists: Revizskie Skazki (Revision Lists) project started in 2009. The Revision Lists (census, family lists) enumerated individuals/families subject to taxation and identified men to draft into the army. The database contains more than 80,000 records from the 9th, 10th and Additional Revisions from 1840-1870s. It now covers 43 towns from all 9 districts in Bessarabia Gubernia and several towns from Podolya Gubernia. Project Coordinator - Yefim Kogan (
    We need volunteers to help translate/transliterate the records from hand written Russian.

  • Transliteration of Landsmanshaften groups records: Go for details to Bessarabia SIG Landsmanshaften section.

  • Bessarabian Newspapers from 1850-1940: There are a number of newspapers published in Bessarabia, Russian Empire in the 19th century through 1917, and in Romania from 1917 to 1940. Go for details to Bessarabia research projects section (number 39).
    Need translators from Russian to get excerpts from the newspapers.

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Completed Projects for Kiliya

  • Kiliya Cemetery Project: The project was carried on by the Bessarabia SIG between 2014 and 2015.
    Access the project information at the Kiliya Cemetery Page.

  • Russian Jewish Fallen Soldiers of WW1 (updated Dec. 2014): The project for all Gubernias in Russian Empire is under coordination of Joel Ratner.
    The part corresponding to soldiers from Bessarabia was completed by Terry Lasky (Bessarabia SIG).
    Records are available at Bessarabia SIG website and soon be part of JewishGen database.

  • 1924/25 Bessarabia Business directory: 13,144 Jewish businesses in nine districts and the capital Chisinau (Kishinev). Available at Bessarabia SIG and at JewishGen Databases.
    See records at Bessarabia SIG for Ismail district.

  • More Coming Soon
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