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Kiliya Great Synagogue

The building was destroyed in 1948 and in the place they built the club "sailors".
The government of Israel built on this place the Kiliya's Holocaust memorial.

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Kiliya Great Synagogue

Circa 1938
Southern and eastern side of the Great Synagogue. Persons are Zosfinh Kogan, Borobobitz and Atia Katz.

Source: Kiliya Yizkor Book

Kiliya Great Synagogue and Kogan's pension

The Kogan's pension shopfront and behind the southern side of the Great Synagogue.


Kiliya's Holocaust memorial

(Photo circa 2006/7)

The monument, built by the State of Israel is placed where the Great Synagogue stood until its destruction in 1948.

The monument says:
Everlasting Memory
Genocide Victims
1800 Jews Residents of Kiliya
Old men. Women. Children
Killed by fascists in 1941

Let us remember
O beautiful building ... [more]

Maccabi Kiliya

Photo taken in 1926

A group of girls doing gymnastics. The instructor name is Bershadskaya

Source: Kiliya Yizkor Book

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