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Kamennyy Brod, Ukraine

Latitude, Longitude: 50° 25' N, 27° 50' E

Alternate names: Kamennyy Brod [Rus], Kameny Brod [Yid], Kam'ianiy Brid [Ukr], Kammeny Bród [Pol], Kamenni-Brod, Kammeny Brod, Kam'janyj Brid

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History of Kamennyy Brod including its Faience Factory

The earliest known information on the Kamenny Brod Jewish community dates from 1850s. But actually, the Sussmans' faience factory operated here since 1862, and from this moment Kamenny Brod might be considered founded as a settlement.
Three synagogues operated here for decades (including one, at the factory's territory, which was closed, to be transferred to the local club, in 1928). Local Jews were adherents of the Chernobyl chassidim. A.-F. Zusman, the owner of the faience factory, also lived in Berdichev, not far from the Tsadik's residence.

In 1919, there was a horrible pogrom in Kamenny Brod, which took the lives of more than 200 Jewish men, including the local rabbi Shmuel Shvartzstein. The Jewish cemetery was founded here after the pogrom as the burial place for its victims. Later this cemetery was used as the burial place for the Jews from the neighboring village of Dovbysch. Up to nowadays, the majority of gravestones have been destroyed, and inscriptions have become unreadable. The cemetery has been divided into two parts: for males and for females. Until 1917, the local Bund's branch operated here. N. A. Kiselgof, the head of a small local hospital, was one of the outstanding personalities of this shtetl. He was the main organizer of the working-class movement in the Kamenny Brod. He was known in the workers' circle under a pseudonym “Naumov.”

To view the dedication of the Ukraine Memorial at Kamennyy, please click on the picture below:

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Kamennyy Brod
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Memorial built 200 meters from the mass murder of the Jews. It was opened in 2013. If you go to the thick forest from the road you'll be able to see the fence and an old memorial stone inside that fence. The memorial is destroyed a little and forgotten. The inscription on the picture of memorial is in Ukrainian.

"People stop. Here (in 200 meters) is the place of mass shooting of Jews by the Nazis during the war. Pray"

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