By Allan Dolgow


Eugenia Sheinman
Indianapolis, Indiana
Formerly of St. Petersburg, Russia
KB family roots
Introduced me to her reaseacher Victor Vachovkiy

Victor Vachovkiy
Genealogy research and teacher at a technical college
Friend of Leonid Kogan

Leon Kogan
Lubeck, Germany former resident of Novograd-Volinsky
Contributor to the International Jewish Cemetery Project that included KB
Knew Semyon Bentsianov in Pollonne, Ukraine

Vladimir Shapovalov
Master of Ceramics, Kharkiv National Design & Art Academy
Assisted in finding a direct contact in Kamennyy Brod
Valentine Slovatshevsky

Valentine Slovatshevsky
Resident of Kamennyy Brod
Retired newspaperman and author of a book on the Kamennyy Brod history of the faience factory and an newspaper article on the 1919 pogrom in KB
Introduced me to Izaak Kanner
His wife Anna Slovatshevsky upon my visit to KB, and after his death, allowed me to have a copy of his book which was translated to English.

Izaak Kanner, Alla Wagschal & Yurij Kanner
Former resident of Kamennyy Brod where he was a school principal and teacher and where his children, Allaa and Yurij, were born. His daughter Alla Wagschal also now living in Brooklyn, NY helped coordinate fund raising for a new monument for Holocaust victims in KB. His son, Yurij Isaakovich Kanner living Moscow managed and funded the Holocaust memorial in Kamenny Brod

Semyon Bentsianov
Resident of Pollonne
Director of Jewish Cultural Center & Museum
Helped in providing contact with Dr. Berta Chermorskya


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