Kamennyy Brod 1919 Pogrom

An eyewitness account of what she remembers of the Kamennyy Brod Pogroms. On the Jew murdered.

Eshter Garfinkel, Warsaw,
Appendix to Protocol No. 16 from Augusts, 3, 1921

On materials of "The American Jewish Joint Distribution Archives;
Collection # 19/21, File # 233.
at support of Mikhail Mitsel (Archive JDC of NY),
Allan Dolgow (USA), Evgeniya Sheinman (USA)

No.List of some of the victims of the pogrom at Kamenny BrodList of some victims of the pogrom at Kamennyy Brod
1Albert JoshuaAlbert Yosya
2Barach Moishe, slaughtererBarah Moishe, butcher
3Barach Benzie, butcherBarach Bentzi, butcher
4Back YontilBuck Jontl
5Bernoznick MeyerBernoznik Meer
6Beer DavidBir Duwith
7Berditchevsky MendelBerdichevsky Mendel
8Farach Osher, slaughtererFarukh Usher, butcher
9Frankstein AbrhamFrankstein Avrum
10Gershtein David, son of Israel GershteinGerstein Duwit
elevenGershtein IsraelGershtein Krul
12Goldman LeviGoldman Levy
13Father and brother of Goldman LeviFather and brother of Goldman Levy
14Gralsky BerilThe Gerald Bir
15(Gralsky?) Michael(Geral?) Michl
16(Gralsky?) Zanvel, (brother of Michael (Gralsky?))(Geral?) Zyvel, brother Mihla (Geralian?)
17th(Gralsky?) Shemlick, brother of Michael (Gralsky?)(Geralian?) Shmilyk, brother Mihla (Gerala?)
18Issernick WolfIsernik Wolf
19Issernick Monnie, brother of Wolf IssernickIssernik Monya, brother of Wilf Issernik
20Kisselhof fNechemiaKisselgoff the Nehimi
21Kellerman JoshuaKellerman Yosya
22Kellerman IsraelKellerman Croll
23Kronis LeizerKrunis Leizer
24Kabzonel ChayimCabonel Chaim
25Langer AlterLanger Alter
26thLanger Abraham (son of Alter Langer)Langer Avrum (son of Alter Langer)
27thLanger Leibke (son of Alter Langer)Langer Leibke (son of Alter Langer)
28Langer Israel (son of Alter Langer)Langer Croll (son of Alter Langer)
29Langer SenderLanger Senderv
thirtyLanger LeiserLanger Leiser
31Langer WolfLanger Wolf
32Labau ZalmonLaban Zalmen
33Marishka`s Abraham boyBoy Marishka Abrama
34Melamed HerschlMelamed Hershl
35Mendock Abraham IsaacMendok Avrum-Itsyk
36Mendock Hersch, son of Isaac MendockMendoc Herschel, son of Abram-Itzik Mendoka
37Mrden LeibMarden Leib
38Mrden Hersch, son of Leib MrdenMarden Girshal, son of Leia Marden
39Mrden Moshke, son of Leib MrdenMarden Moshka, the son of Leya Marden
40Mrden Wilvel, son of Leib MrdenMarden Velvl, (the son of Leia Mardin
41Mirotchnick LeviMyrtle Levy
42(Mirotchnick?) Moishe, the cooper(Mirochnik?) Moeshe, Cooper
43Oshman AaronAsman Aron
44Ozorva TuviaAzarva Tevye
45Oxenhorn MoisheOxhengorn Moyshe
46Oxenhorn PinnieOksenhorn Pine
47Oxenhorn SchmuelOksenhorn Shmul
48Ptashnick KahathPotashnik Kagat
49Ptashnick Shloime, son of Kahath PtashnickPotashnik Shloyme, son of Kagat Plashnik
50Ptashnick ItzaPototnik Ici
51Ptashnick Moishe, boy of Itza PtashnickPotashnik Moshe, the son of Itzi Plasika
52Pinnie, the Red HeadedPinya, the Red Army man (variant-red)
53Rosenstein FischlRosenstein Fishel
54Rosenstein Mottel, son of Fischl RosensteinRosenstein Motl, son of Fishel Rosenstein
55Rendler SheimkeGandler Schleimke
56Rendler Yankel, son of Sheimke RendlerG (?) Endler Yankel, son of Shimka Gendler
57Rendle rItzik, son of Sheimke RendlerG (?) Endler Itzik, son of Shimka G (?) Handler
58Roshkes HerschelRoshkis Gershl
59Shamesch BenjaminShames Benjamin
60Schwartztein Herschl, rabbiSchwartztein Girschel, rabbi
61Schwartztein Mottel, son of Rabbi Herschl SchwartzteinSchwartztein Motl, the son of Rabbi Hirschel Schwarzenstein
62Segal ShipselSegal Shipksel
62Schleien LeibkeSchloen Leibke
63Schleien BerilSchloen Berl
64Schlitten JehielSchlitten Ichil
65Sheines ZilaSheines Zila
66Sheines LeibeSheines Leib
67Sheines GetzieSheines Getsi
68Slepiak AlterSlepak Alter
69Slepiak David, boy of Alter SlepiakSlepak Duwit, the boy Altera Slepaka
70Tchernomovsky Chonon, son of Hirch Leib TchernomovskyChernomovsky Huna, son of Hirsch-Leib Chernomovsky
71Tchernomovsky DavidChernomovsky Duvit
72Tchernowsky Moishe AaronChernovsky Moishe-Aron
73Tchernomovsky IsaachChernomovsky Issyk
74Vilner MeyerVilner Meer
75Weisglos Israel BeerWeisgloss Crow-Ber
76Weisglos IsaacWeisgloss Itzik
77Weisglos Aaron, son of Isaac WeisglosWeisgloss Aron, the son of Itzik Weisgloss
78Wasserstom AlterWasserstrom Alter
79Wolfgang LeibeWolfgang Leib
80Werkman ZanvilWerkman Zaivel
81Werkman Israe, son of Zanvil WerkmanVerkman Srul, the son of Zainel Werkman
82Werkman MoisheVerkman Moishe
83Yabke ZeidelJabke Seidel
84Zalaznick SchmilickZalaznik Shmulik



Sokolovsky and his gang, who led the pogrom in the Kamenny Brod

The material was provided by Viktor Vakhovsky
(Novograd-Volynsky, Ukraine)

According to the pages of the history of the newspaper
"Volynsky proletarian" about the pogrom in Kamenny Brod

Kamennyy Brod Pogrom


Exactly two years ago in Kamenny Brod Novogradvolynsky Uyezd, a detachment of the bandit Sokolovsky, known in Volhynia, over one hundred workers of the local porcelain factory were brutally massacred, all the while showing an example of perseverance, discipline and devotion to the idea of a proletarian revolution.
Even in the time of the nightmare rule in Volhynia, the lackey of Petliura's bourgeoisie, the stone-Brodsky workers organized an underground regional committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and conducted active work to organize underground cells in Novohrad-Volynsky and neighboring counties and propagate the idea of communism.
With the advent of Soviet power, the district revolutionary committee of Novograd-Volyn was set up from the above-mentioned district committee, headed by comrade Naumov, leader and inspirer of the stone-Brod workers in their struggle for the holy idea of communism.
Thanks to the treacherous activity of Petlyura's agents Comrade Naumov, Comrade Slepak, the Pre-Revolutionary Party, and other staunch exemplary comrades, on July 9, 1919, heroically fell at the hands of enraged fists that came out with rifles, braids, axes to fight communism.
Terrible then, clouds hung over the Soviet republics. Denikin was approaching Kiev. Ukraine was swept by a wave of kulak uprisings, all the dark forces crept out of their holes and sizzled maliciously in different ways.
The writer who worked in the Novograd-Volynsky district had to endure a nightmare while surrounded and persecuted by a gang of bandits. Lonely, divorced from comrades in party work wandered ...

"Volyn Proletarian" N 5 9/07/1921, p.-2


July 28 in the provincial revolutionary tribunal will hear a loud case of the pogrom in Kamenno-Brody. More than 30 witnesses are summoned in the case.

"The Volynian Proletarian" N 19 July 26, 1921, p.-4


Yesterday in gubrevtribinalal began hearing a loud case about the pogrom in Kamenno-Brody. 12 accused were brought to the case. A detailed report in tomorrow's issue.

"The Volyn Proletarian" N 22 July 29, 1921, p.-4


July 28 in Gubrevtribinal began hearing a sensational in its time the case of a nightmarish pogrom in Kamenno-Brody (Novograd-Volynsky Uyezd).
In the dock 12 defendants: I.Baginsky, L.Vasilevich, A.Soloshchuk, A.Shevchuk, K.Svintsitsky, V.Vasilevich, Wilhelm and Nikolai Konkulevsky, V.Eismont, V.Veksel, Y.Shimansky and Kozakov. The indictment depicts this case in the following way: on July 9, 1919, under the influence of national enmity, together with several concealed persons during the investigation, the first 8 accused organized a gang of several hundred armed people with the aim of organizing a Jewish pogrom in Kamenno-Brody (Novograd-Volynskyi County). Having appeared with the above-mentioned gang as its leaders in the mentioned Kamenny Brod, the defendants collected about 200 local Jewish men in the square. On the field a few versts from the place the defendants subjected them to beating, with 137 shots killed and 9 injured by rifles . The defendants were charged with participation in the pogrom of the Jewish population.
The last defendant Kozakov is accused of having taken an active part in the uprising by encouraging residents to participate in the pogroms of Jews and Communists in early July, by mutual agreement with the leaders to beat the Jewish population. On July 9, during the pogroms of the Jewish population, he called on the peasant rebels to beat up the Jewish workers and taking part in the murder of Gershonov, the owner of the Kamenno-Brodsky factory ...

"The Volyn Proletarian" N 23 July 30, 1921, p.-3


Leaders of the pogrom: Baginsky and Solokh. 137 Jews were killed. Witness Sakharov, Breiman (14 years old). Kicked: Kickelhoff, Schwartzer. [There is a testimony].

"The Volyn Proletarian" N 24 July 31, 1921, p.-4


On July 31, 1919, a huge pogrom of the Jewish population took place in Kamenny Brod Novograd-Volynsky Uyezd, resulting in the death of 137 people wounded 9.
The pogrom was made by a gang consisting mainly of peasants located 2-5 versts from the Kamenny-Brod villages, with active participation and residents of Kamenny Brod.
The investigating judge established that this gang was part of the insurgency, which at that time engulfed the Novograd-Volynsky district.
The raid on Kamenny Brod was organized with the close participation of the secretary of the Kamenno-Brodsky Revkom Adamovich and the pre-factory of the faience factory of Andrei Kazakov, who is there. The latter, knowing of the impending pogrom, reassured the workers that no danger threatened. At the same time, Adamovich ordered that all rifles, both workers and factories, be demolished in the Revolutionary Committee.
The next day on July 9, a gang broke into the town, Soloch Soloshchuk, Anton Shevchuk, Baginsky, Valentin Vasilevich, Svintsitsky and Shimansky joined at once.
The gang, with the active participation of these individuals, began to drive Jews out of the apartments and drive them to the square to the plant.
Here the leader of the gang of bandits Bykov invited Kozakov to take from the crowd those workers who are needed for the plant.
In response, Kazakov said that there are enough unemployed Russians, and he does not need Jews, and that he will present a list of those who need to be released.
An hour later, Bykov approached the crowd with Kazakov and the latter handed him a list of persons to be released. On the release of 5 people, according to this list, a crowd of Jews was built and she was driven into the forest.
On the way Soloch Soloshchuk and Anton Shevchuk, armed with revolvers, several times stopped the crowd, counted it, and Shevchuk, holding a revolver in his outstretched hand, loudly expressed doubts about the ability to cope with 60 rifles with a crowd of 180 people.
Arriving in the forest, a crowd of Jews were offered to go home, but as soon as they turned to leave, they were followed by bursts of salvoes.
The first shot Svintsitsky. From these shots the crowd fell to the ground, then appeared with a bag on his head Ludwig Vasilevich seeing that many are still alive - he offered to finish everything off. After these words, a savage massacre began.
Bayonets, pitchforks, braids, clubs and everything that was in their hands began to finish off the Jews ... Not limited to finishing off still alive, these persons removed their clothes from the dead and chose everything from their pockets.
Having done a dirty business, the gang broke up.
The next morning two riders appeared from the forest, who drove up to the house of Solokh Soloschuk. After a while the indicated riders came out together with Solokh Soloshchuk and Shevchuk and headed for the place.
At this time, a burial took place at the cemetery of the corpses of those killed the day before. On the road the horsemen Soloshchuk and Shevchuk met the family of the chairman of the Novohrad-Volyn Revolutionary Committee Comrade. Kiselgoff-Naumova, and, seeing her, Shevchuk and Soloshchuk rushed to her and demanded to indicate the location of Kiselgoff-Naumov, whom they must kill. The frightened family began to shout "Dad, Dad." At this time, Kiselgoff, who was hidden in a few steps in the grass, fired in the direction of the specified bandits, and then killed himself with a subsequent shot. Shevchuk and Soloshchuk tore the bars from the fence, rushed to Kiselgoff and, pulling his corpse by the legs, began to mock him and beat the dead body with rods. Soloschuk at the same time shouted: "Dog dog death" and "Here's a commune." After the pogrom, Shevchuk was the rebel commander of the township, and Kozakov went to the rebels' congress in Novograd-Volynsk, from where he came as the factory owner.


Artemy Vasilievich Solokh-Soloshchuk, 56 years old - |
Anton Shevchuk, 24 years old - |
Kaetan Isidorovich Svintsitsky, 28 years old - |
Valentin Antonovich Vasilevich, 23 years old - | Shooting.
Andrei Arkhipovich Kozakov, 44 years old - |
Yakov Ivanovich Shimansky, 44 years old - |
Nikolai Timofeevich Konkulevsky - 5 years;
Eismont Vladimir Mikhailovich, 17 years old - 3 years old;
Vikent Wilhelm Eifromovich, 17 years old - 3 years;
Wilhelm Nikolaiovich Konkulevich, 21 years old - to justify.

"The Volynsky Proletarian" No. 25,


1919 Pogrom


Translation of a newspaper article on the 80 year-anniversary of the 1919 Kamenny Brod pogrom.

Source: Vecherka, No. 22 (0133)
Thursday, June 24, 1999
Page 01
Translated by Roy Cochrun
Date of Translation 22 July 2011
Sponsor Allan B. Dolgow

“Don’t kill them. They are not guilty of anything nor have they done anything to you!” the rabbi of the Kamenny Brod
synagogue begged the raging throng of armed gunmen. The gunmen did not listen to the holy man’s appeals and brutally murdered 137 Jews, sparing not even the rabbi…

There are many tragic pages in the history of that sylvan community of Kamenny Brod, which is in the Baranovsky Region. But the pogrom of July 9, 1919, has gone down in history as the most tragic of any endured.

Yes, it was an extremely tragic period in the history of our territory. The events in Kamenny Brod about which we are speaking were far from strategic front operations. The district town, Novograd-Volynski, which is thirty kilometers from that leafy community, quaked now and then in those days from power changes, of warring sides and even armed bands,
changing hands more than once. On the other hand, it seemed that it all was somewhere far away, and this cup of severe trials would by-pass the people of Kamenny Brod. And that is how it was until the decisive time. The community went about its own life. One of the first party organizations created in the Zhitomir Province operated here. Elections were held of the first chairman and deputies of the rural Soviet.

1 Translator’s Note: Polesskaya Zemlya, literally Woodlands Land, is a name for the area in which Kamenny Brod lies in the Zhitomir Oblast.
Copyright © 2011 Allan B. Dolgow


PDF listing names of victims:
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List of Some of the Names of the 1919 Pogrom in KamennyBrod
[The names were copied from a partially legible typed list by Esther Garfinkel Some given names are missing as we presume the list was made from Esther’s recollection. Similarly spellings may not be precise. Translated by Leonid Kogan (Germany) Esther Gurfinkel, Warsaw, Annex to the Protocol № 16 dated August 3, 1921 on materials «The American Jewish Joint Distribution Archives; Collection # 19/21, File # 233. with the support of Michael Mycelium (JDC Archives, New York), Allan Dolgow (USA), Eugene Scheinman (USA).


Newspaper article related to the 1919 Pogrom. Russian language.
Link to Google translated into English article.
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The history of the first burials in this cemetery is related to the pogrom of 1919, which killed most of the men of Jewish shtetl. Most of the monuments destroyed and are difficult to read the inscriptions in Yiddish and Hebrew.


Letter, dated 1923, from the Peoples Relief Committee for Jewish War Suffers located in Chicago Illinois requesting from the Jewish Distribution Committee a copy of the detailed report Kamennyy Brod's condition.

(Link to copy of the letter)
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This is the requested report requested by the Peoples Relief Committee (above):

Jewish Distribution Committee Report (dtd 1923) about Kamennyy Brod 1919 Pogrom and town information.
(Link to 3 page PDF)
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Letter from the JDC that accompanied the above report.

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A letter from the Joint Distribtion Committee on the condition and needs of the Jewish Community in Kamennyy Brod after the 1919 Pogrom.

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Below is a request for money sent by Allan Dolgow's grandfather to the JDC (Joint Distribution Committee) requesting funds for transporting the brother's daughter's family. Allan Dolgow's grandfather could only afford passage for one, so a younger daughter was sent. Those that did not come were killed by the SS including a 3 year old girl.

Letter requesting funds


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