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The Stanisławów webpage was created, compiled and maintained by Susannah Juni until 2001. She created a database from the wealth of data and photos compiled during her personal research.This data, and the selection of pictures, is both idiosyncratic and happenstance. It covers a variety of years, generations, and sources. Some of the photos are recent, and some are old pre-war shots.

Susannah has also created a unique way to access this data by taking a "Walk Through Old Jewish Stanisławów" available on the map page. It also has a search options for surnames. This database has thousands of records and took years to compile. The KehilaLinks staff thank Susannah Juni for her efforts and wish her luck in her future endeavors.

In April 2013, the Stanisławów webpage was adopted by Suzanne Scheraga and David Richter. It was converted to a new design and revised by Ron Miller. There are hundreds of pages that require additional changes to be consistent with the format. Please be patient as we add and update information, organization and design throughout the webpage. Donations of photos and other material are greatly appreciated. Email Suzanne Scheraga.



Content added to the website (with most recent at the top)

October 2013
Revised "Walk Through Old Stanisławów " section and links.
Revised Photo Collection of Alejandro Landman pages.
Changed layout of footer.
August 2013
Revised Research page and added links.
Revised History page and added links.
Deleted Documents page.
July 2013
Added personal photo collection of Alejandro Landman.
Added photos of tombstone inscriptions.
April 2013
Created pages: History - Documents - Acknowledgements - What's New.
Additional Research Links added.
Additional History information and Links added.
Yiddish Translation of website option activated.

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