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Ukrainian town  




46 45' / 36 47'


Holocaust Memorial

Memorial outside of Berdyansk to "the victims of fascism 1941-1943". Taken by Ruth and Rabbi Sol Bernards while on a trip to the Ukraine 1992.

The Boys' Gymnasium in Berdyansk, 1992. Taken by Rabbi Sol and Ruth Bernards (of the Yovel family).




1911, Berdyansk (2,771),

From the Hebrew Press: ("Extracted and translated from the newspaper copies by Chaim Freedman).

(Hamelitz 1871; April 12)


(# a general letter signed by Yosef the son of David Hakohen,native of New Russia).


(Hamelitz 1878; Oct.18)


Not long ago there was founded here a society `Holy Writ', and the Maskilim of the city took it upon themselves to pay a set yearly sum to purchase books.

-Moshe Levin

(Hamelitz 1879; April 10)


We have been informed that on the 23rd of March a certain woman gave birth to a boy who from his chest upwards was divided into two heads, like the image of the Russian eagle. One head was born dead and the other lived for a complete day.


(Hamelitz 1879; May 1.)


On Friday the 17th of Nissan the students of the Talmud Torah here stood for the yearly examination by the honorable  Maskilim of our city led by the government rabbi Mr. Muhlmann and the supervisors of the establishment Mr. Horovitch (the lawyer) and Mr. Rotman. The youths aged nine and ten answered correctly and translated into Russian from the holy books.


The names of the people who supported the Talmud Torah are: Yitskhak Ostrovsky, Yisrael Sokolovsky, Oglitsky, Lutsky, Rozenshtein, Rolbroka, Rothaltz, Berdichevsky, Buchstov, Gelbuch, Tvibach, Aharon Sokolovsky, Chernikov, Donner,Kerner, Levinzon, Zolotorov.

-Moshe Levin (first teacher in the school here).


Hamelitz 1880; Nov.25)

The passing is reported of Rabbi Eichorn, son-in-law of the government rabbi Muhlman, may his light shine on now some ten years after his appointment here.


(Hamelitz 1885; August 9)


On Sunday, the day before Rosh Khodesh Av, fire broke out in Colony Bakhers, called Zatishye, which belongs to our brethren of the House of Israel. Nineteen houses were burnt to the ground together with the barns. The unfortunates who have until now supported themselves by the toil of their hands are in dire need of assistance.

Levi Reuven Zimlin

Certified: The notary Reuven David, son of Rabbi Shalom Feinberg, living here in Berdyansk.

(Hamelitz 1885; November 4)

(# An article about education in Tavritch Gov. calling for its improvement with the assistance of the government rabbis, including Muhlmann of Berdyansk).

(Hamelitz 1893; August 2)


I have seen fit to announce that the new method of casting recommended by Dr. Demba, to bend the animal being led to slaughter and to fell it to the ground without damage, we have been using with no exception. The name should be well recorded of the doctor Mr. Benish who was most effective against the priests (# rabbis) who refused, who are all reprehensible people. Now such is the method used without compromising anything.

Arye-Leib Treves, Shokhet here.


Tybel (Tessie) Freedman, nee Komesaroff/ Komisaruk Ancestry from Colonist Families


Surnames:Batagol, Benish, Berdichevsky, Bernards, Buchstov, Chanin, Chernikov, Demba, Donner, Eichorn, Feinberg, Fetter, Freedman, Gelbuch, Glebov, Golosoff, Grinblat, Hain, Horovitch, Jacobson, Joel, Komesarof/ Komesaroff/ Komisaruk, Kerner, Lehrer, Leibowitz, Levin, Levinzon, Lubavitsch, Lutsky, Mahemoff Molotsky, Muhlmann/ Mulhmann, Oglitsky, Ostrovsky, Pahoff, Pogorelke, Poliakoff/ Poliakov/ Poljakov, Raikhinshtein, Rolbroka, Rothaltz, Rotman, Rozenshtein, Saks, Segal/ Segalnitsky, Shnookal, Smorgon, Sokolovsky, Treves, Tvibach, Yovel, Zimlin, Zmood, Zolotorov

Sources: Our Father's Harvest Supplement, KehilaLinks websites: Ananyev, Balta, Berdyansk & Poninka


Komisaruk Family of Berdyansk

Poliakov/Poliakoff Family of Berdyansk



Migration Chains - Movsha Rabinov

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