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Komisaruk Famiyl of Berdyansk

Photos from the albums of Chaim Freedman

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Zalmen and KhaNa Reizel KOMISARUK

with children-Berdyansk 1913

Shlomo Zalmen (1886-1958)

and Khana Reizel (1887-1955) Komisaruk,

both grandchildren of Rabbi Pinkhas Komisaruk

of colony Grafskoy,
with their children

Tybel (Tessie Freedman -1909-1996) and Myer.

*see other documents

Right to Left: Khana Reizel Komesaroff (1887-1955 born Andreyevka, died
Melbourne, Australia) , her daughter Tybel (Tessie Freedman), Khana Reizel's
brother and sister Alter Shlomo Zalmen and Tsipora, Khana Reizel's husband Shlomo Zalmen Komesaroff, Khana Reizel's brothers Yehudah Leib and Pinkhas, the baby Khana Reizel's son Myer. Taken about 1911 Berdyansk, Tavritch, Russia.

Zev Yovel and family, Berdyansk about 1903. Settled in Tel Aviv 1922.

Moshe Zmood - Berdyansk 1913

Mosiev and Golda Raikhinshtein about 1930 Berdyansk
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