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Migration Chains

To Australia 1883

Moshe Rabinov   (1862-1954) and his family (original surname
Yovel) about 1910 in Melbourne, Australia.

Moshe  was a brother of Avraham-Mordekhai Yovel, Zev Wolf Yovel and
Rokhel who married Moshe Zmood. The familes lived partly in Andreyevka and
partly in Berdyansk.

Moshe was the originator of an immigration chain which brought many families
from the Ekaterinoslav and Tavrich regions to Australia. He left Russia in
1883 and chose to travel to Australia simply because that was where the
first available ship took him. He was followed by his nephews of the Zmood
family, who in turn drew the Komisaruk (Komesaroff) families to Melbourne.
They were followed by many other relatives or townspeople including the
families Pogorelke, Chanin, Shnookal, Glebov, Lehrer, Smorgon, Batagol,
Jacobson, Pahoff, Joel (originally Yovel, part of which family remained in
Eretz Yisrael), Hain, Mahemoff, Saks, Fetter, and others. Independently the
Grinblat family settled in Australia in 1893.

This migration chain, started in 1883 by Moshe Rabinov, was severed in the
early 1930's when the Soviets brought down the Iron Curtain.


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