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Family of Esther Herschman Rechtschafner
Brooklyn, N.Y., ca. 1940

(l-r): Frances Marcus Gross, Norman Marcus,
Edith (Golding) & Zacharia Marcus,
Nettie Marcus Herschman, and Lionel Marcus
Photo on Wall: Great-Grandfather Feivel and
Gr-Gr-Grandfather Monash

Abe Golding
and sister Edith Marcus
ca. 1954

Sarah & Reuben Goldstone
with grandson Anthony
ca. 1948

Edith Golding Marcus
Esther Rechtschafner's grandmother
ca. 1955

(L-R) Norman, Jackie, & Edith Marcus
Photo: Feivel-Phillip Golding
ca. 1943

Golding Family Wine Cups

(L-R) rear: Shmully, Nachum, Sonny,
& Louis Golding (British author)
front: Edith, Sarah, & Nettie
ca. 1956

Janie Shorr
(née Chava Lea Guthut)
Cherkassy birth certificate

Paderovsky Family
(a.k.a. Dworecki)
Russia, ca. 1894

(L-R): Eli, b. 1882; Avram, b. 1874; Leie, b. 1888;
David, b. 1886; Nachum, b. 1855; Ruben, b. 1892;
Marjam (née Chigirinsky), b. 1855;
Yetta, b. ca. 1873;

Israel Abner Kosovsky
b. Smela, Russia, 1813
d. Brooklyn, N.Y., 1919

Russian Army Service: 21 years
Crimean War Service
Received 100 lashes for being a pious Jew
Emigrated to America 1881
Florence Kaplan, paternal granddaughter

Etty Toweroffsky
& daughter Chane

Chane Toweroffsky


Israel & Marione
Gimpilewitz Family, ca 1902

(L-R): Dobrie; Marione; infant Rochil;
Hanzel; Israel & Aisik; Johnse.

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