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Dr. Sarah Ben-Ami Solodar
Sarah Solodar

Dr. Solodar was a pioneer in eradicating malaria in the villages (moshavot) of the Upper Galilee. She was the first woman physician working in the region (1913 - 1919) during the early settlement period and the last years of Ottoman rule. She fought malaria both in Yesod HaMa'ala and in Mishmar Hayarden.


Dr. Solodar, a committed Zionist, emigrated from Odessa, Russia with the specific aim of providing medical care in Eretz Yisroel. She made significant contributions to the development of Israel's medical system. Dr. Solodar passed away in 1957, age seventy-four.

Sarah Ben Ami Solodar (Hebrew)

Avraham Solodar
Avraham Solodar

Avraham Solodar was born in 1890 in Stanislawczyk, Podolia, Ukraine. Eventually, Avraham made his way to Odessa where he was a teacher. There, he began his literary career. In Vilna, where he had moved, Avraham published his first poems.

Solodar's next stop was Palestine, where he arrived in 1911 to study at the Hebrew Teachers' Seminary in Jerusalem. Three years later, Avraham married Dr. Sarah Ben-Ami, the daughter of Klara and Mordechai Ben-Ami. Avraham and Sarah had two sons.


Continuing on his way, in 1926, Avraham immigrated to America where he lectured in the Beit Midrash for Torah at the Skoky Yeshiva and the College of Jewish Studies. During this period, Avraham earned a Master's degree in art from Northwestern University, translated Walt Whitman's poetry into Hebrew, and edited the Hebrew monthly Our Generation. He continued to write and publish poetry. Avraham passed away in Chicago in 1936, age forty-six.

Avraham Solodar I (Hebrew)
Avraham Solodar II (Hebrew)

Shalom El Daudi
Shalom El Daudi

Shalom El Daudi was born in Safed in 1870 to Machluf El Daudi, the last Chacham Bashi (Turkish: Chief Rabbi).

Shalom was influenced by the literature of the Haskalah, the Jewish Enlightenment, which originated in Eastern Europe; this movement led Shalom to get involved in the revival of the Hebrew language.


Shalom El Daudi was a teacher of Arabic and Hebrew and held teaching posts in Rishon Letzion, in Yesud HaMa'ala, as well as in Cairo and Alexandria. He passed away in 1953, age eighty-three.

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