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Families II



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eshkenazi family

Eshkenazi Family, 1956
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Alter Eshkenazi

Alter Eshkenazi
Chaim Alter Eshkenazi, 1899 - 1994; father: Israel

Chaim Alter Eshkenazi
1899 - 1994
Tova Eshkenazi née Pilpel

Tova Eshkenazi née Pilpel
Rivka Grinker née Eshkenazi

Rivka Grinker
née Eshkenazi
Asher Eshkenazi & Rachel née Levinson, Lioness of the Galilee

Asher Eshkenazi
Rachel née Levinson
"Lioness of the Galilee"
Rachel Eshkenazi née Levinson

Rachel Eshkenazi
née Levinson
Israel Yosef ben Eliezer Yaakov Eshkenazi

Israel Yosef ben
Eliezer Yaakov
Gitel Eshkenazi died 1909 age 95

Gitel Eshkenazi
Died 1909
Age 95
Chaim Alter & Tauba Eshkenazi w/ daughter Miriam Luria

Yesud HaMa'ala 100 years
Chaim Alter & Tauba
daughter Miriam Luria

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Neomi Elfassi School 1918-20

Neomi Elfassi School
Chacham Nisim Elfassi 1947

Chacham Nisim Elfassi
Esther Elfassi née Mizrachi 1948

Esther Elfassi
née Mizrachi
Rivka Elfassi and sister Geula 1951

Rivka Elfassi
sister Geula

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Arik Loifer

Arik Loifer
Hollander Yaffa née Loifer

Hollander Yaffa
née Loifer
Tamar Loifer née Barazani

Tamar Loifer
née Barazani
Yoram Loifer

Yoram Loifer
Naftali Loifer

Naftali Loifer

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menucha lubowski

Menucha Lubowski

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