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Vyshgorodok Region

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1928 Kremenets Orphans and Abandoned Children

Translated by Alex Sharon
Name Transcription by Ellen Garshick
(source: Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People)

This 1928 report of the Society for the care of the Jewish Orphans and the Abandoned Children in Wolynia
contains a list of children under the care of the society, including children from Vyshgorodok.

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Seal: Jewish Faith Community
in Wisniowiec, Wolyn

Vishnevets Feepayers List
Jewish Community Budget
Town of Vyshgorodok
19361, 2

  1. Addendum to 1931 Regulation Concerning the Organization of the
    Jewish Communities
    KDRG Doc 174, CAHJP Catalog No. HM2-9248-20.
  2. The Kremenets KehilaLinks website has data on the following towns:
    Bialozorka, Kolodno, Lanovtsy, Novyy Oleksinets, Staryy Oleksinets,
    Vyshgorodok, and others.
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