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Other Names

  • Tuczyn (Polish)
  • Tutshin
  • Tuchin-Krippe


Tuchin (Polish Tuczyn, Russian & Ukrainian  Тучин) is located in western Ukraine, in the geographical region known as Volyn (Volhynia, Wolyn, etc.) approximately 24 km northeast of Rovno. The smaller town of Kripa, also known as Goryngrad (Ukrainian Horyn'hrad, Polish Horyngrod, Russian Горыньград), is located approximately 7 km southwest of Tuchin. Both Tuchin and Kripa are on the banks of the Horyn River.

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View a historical map. This section of a German "Großblatt" military map from the period of World War I shows the area around Tuchin and Kripa (Horyngrod) in great detail. The original map scale is 1:100000 (1 inch equals about 1½ miles). Topographic features (including elevations), towns and streets, even individual buildings, are shown as they existed before WWI. Local villages are labeled with their Polish names.Click here to view the map.

Tuchin or Tulchin? Does your family actually have roots in Tulchin (Tul’chyn)? Remember, Tul’chyn, Ukraine, is a different town, located approximately 280 km SE of Tuchin, in the Podolia region. For more information on Tul'chyn, contact the Tul’chyn KehilaLinks web page. 

Jewish Records Translation Project (New!)

The Rovno Uezd Region: Jewish Records Project is an ongoing Ukraine SIG project for which funding is needed. Please consider donating to this project at the Ukraine SIG Donations page.

In late 2016, the Ukraine SIG, with the cooperation of the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) in Jerusalem, Israel, acquired the digital images from 5 rolls of microfilm containing Russian-language revision lists (revizskie skazki, similar to censuses) for 1811, 1816-28, 1850-52 and 1858-74, for towns in the former Rovno Uezd (district), including Tuchin and its sister town, Horyn'hrad. For Tuchin researchers, these records are very valuable indeed, as they are among the scarce surviving genealogical records of the Tuchin Jewish community for that time period. Until now these lists have only been available on microfilm in the original handwritten Russian. The Rovno Uezd Jewish Records Project will fund the translation of these of the original documents (6500+ pages) and eventually make the data accessible to everyone via the JewishGen Ukraine Database.

This is a very exciting development for the entire Rovno uezd research community, which includes Tuchin. I will post news and updates as the project moves ahead.

Update (January 2, 2018): Good news! We have now completed our inventory of all 5 rolls. They contain records for all of the following towns: Rovno (town); Aleksandriya; Berezno; Vysotsk; Goryngrad (Horyn'hrad/Kripa); Derazhno; Dubrovitsa (Dubrovytsia); Kostopol; Klevan; Lyudvipol; Mezhirichi; Stepan; Tomashgrod; and Tuchin. In addition, there are records covering two former Jewish agricultural settlements, Antonovka and Osava. Click here to view the detailed Inventory Report.

Update (July 2, 2018): More good news! The first batch of translations have been uploaded to the JewishGen Ukraine Database. The translated records are: 1851 (9th) revision for Tuchin (1771 records) and 1858 (10th) revision for Tuchin (merchants and townsmen, 1227 records). An additional 471 names from the 1858 revision list pertaining to the "workshop," or artisan class (цеховые), have been translated but have not yet been uploaded.

Update (October 21, 2018): More translations have been uploaded to the JewishGen Ukraine Database. The newly added records are: 1851 (9th) revision list for Goryngrad (Kripa) (537 records), 1858 (10th) revision for Tuchin (workshop class, 471 records), and about half of the 1858 (10th) revision list for Dubrovitsa (872 records).

Update (November 10, 2020): Translation of the 1851 (9th) revision list for Rovno town is complete. This record set consists of 4,581 individual records covering 608 families of the "townspeople" (meshchanin) class. These translations will be added to the JewishGen Ukraine Database soon. But you don't have to wait! You can view the data here: 1851 Revision List for Rovno Town - Townspeople (мещанин)

Update (December 23, 2020): Translation of the 1850 (9th) revision list for Antonovka settlement is complete. This record set consists of 378 individual records covering 30 families. Antonovka (Ukr.: Antonivka) was a Jewish agricultural settlement (слобода) located approximately 7 miles NNW of Tuchin. Find more information in the Antonovka article from the Jewish Encyclopedia of Brockhaus and Efron (1906-1913) [in Russian].  You can view the translated revision list below. [Note: The translation was made from a microfilmed copy of the original record book, and some pages were not filmed. We are trying to obtain the missing pages to complete the translation.] Thanks to Sammy Lerner for translating.

(New!) Update (March 7, 2022): Translation of the 1858 (10th) revision list for Antonovka settlement is complete. This record set consists of 462 individual records covering 30 families. Thanks to Sammy Lerner for translating.


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Tuchin in the Russian Empire (1795 - 1917)

Tuczyn in the Polish Republic (1921 - 1939)

The Legacy of the Holocaust in Tuchin and Kripa

Martef ha-Shoah (also known as the Chamber of the Holocaust) on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, has a memorial to the destroyed communities of Tuchin-Kripa. An English translation of this memorial is as follows:

To the eternal memory
of the martyrs of the communities of

Tuchin Kripa

(and the surrounding areas of Volin), may HaShem avenge their blood,
who were destroyed, murdered, burned and buried alive at the hands of the murderers, the Nazis and the Ukrainians, may their names be blotted out,
on the 13th day of Tishrei in the year 5703 (1942).
May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life.
Organization of Emigrants from Tuchin and Vicinity in Israel and the Diaspora

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