Bibliography of Sources for Tuchin and Kripa

Sefer Zikaron le-Kehilot Tuchin-Kripe (Tutchin-Krippe (Wolyn) - In Memory of the Jewish Community), Benzion H. Ayalon, editor (1967). Published by the Tutchin and Krippe Relief Society of Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel (in Hebrew and Yiddish). The 1967 yizkor book contains photographs, history, reminiscences, maps, drawings, etc., as well as a necrology. For locations of existing copies, see the Yizkor Book Project.
Yehudei Tuchin ve-Kripe Mul Rotzkheihem (The Jews of Tuchin and Kripa in Front of Their Murderers). Compiled by Avraham Sadeh, Edited by Levi Dror (1990). Published by the Va'ad Yotz'ei Tuchin ve-Kripe - Committee of Emigrants from Tuchin and Kripe (in Hebrew). This volume contains twenty-four testimonies of survivors from Tuchin and Kripe, as well as maps, history, and a supplementary necrology. For locations of existing copies, see the Yizkor Book Project.
Encyclopedia Judaica (1971), Jerusalem, Keter. Article on Tuchin
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova - Pages From the Past and Archival Inventories, Miriam Weiner (1999). Published jointly by the Miriam Weiner Roots to Roots Foundation and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in cooperation with the Ukrainian State Archives and the Moldovan State Archives. Contains information about archival holdings for Tuchin in Ukrainian archives. Also includes a number of photographs of neighboring Rovno.
The Holocaust of Volhynian Jews, 1941-1944, Samuel Spector, Translated by Jerzy Michalowicz (1990), Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, Federation of Volhynian Jews.
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